Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Three granddaughters of grandpa Ray. Zoe, Bianca and Giselle

Left to right.   Zoe, Bianca and Giselle. (  three Belizean/American granddaughters of mine )
Heading back to HOUSTON, for Zoe and Giselle for more University courses to their degrees and working at full time jobs to support themselves.  Bianca is staying in Orange Walk, Belize, to manage the hotel there.
Giselle just finished her NATIONAL GUARD term this Spring, and has just completed a term in the US Embassy in Belmopan, Belize as an intern in the POLITICAL DEPARTMENT.  Said she liked it.  But when she gets her degree in IT, she will probably go to London, England for the 2 year law degree course that will give her a Masters degree.  For next January? Maybe after that, she will traipse around the world, backpacking, or join the Embassy Department of the USA? Not sure of Zoe's plans. School and work. Grown up and got to pay their own way now.

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