Friday, August 31, 2012

Daily and Weekly life in Belize retirement.

From FACEBOOK social chat by Belizeans and those related to them, as friends and family.
Weekly update:

Friday rolling around again. The new TRADING ROOM is coming a long. Where the 3 rd. floor nursery used to be. Where we did the three year research on vegetable growing in Belize and wrote the book on it, for the UN FAO. Since then things have exploded in vegetables nationwide. All that re-bar and netting and grow tables are gone, and in it's place is a 14' x 14' wood structure. Wood siding, got finished this week, finished the outside painting this morning. Painting siding 3 stories up in the boondocks is no joke. Really dangerous. I have a new apprentice carpenter, a 16 yr sharp boy, who did not finish primary school. Had to teach him tools, which he is learning quite well. Rule measurements bit slower in metric and inches. He's learning quite well all my boat building wood carpentry shortcut tricks and now I'm leaving him more and more alone to finish work assignments. Raised his day worker pay, he is doing so good. He and my old 63 year old brother-in-law finished the rest of the metal roofing Monday and Tuesday. Gustavo is back to his computer exhausted. Mostly his job was passing tools, up and down. Maynor the boy is now staining today, all ceiling beams and woodwork a brown oak. Looks good, but when I checked up on him, he was getting smears all over the white underside of the metal roof. Gave him a talking to, handed him a rag and gallon of kerosene and got him to clean it, while it was fresh. The ceiling has to look beautiful, with wood beams and rafters against a white underside metal background. Next week with a bit of luck we shall also start to lay the tile floor. About 220 square feet. Also finished installing, the three tinted glass louvered aluminum, screened windows this week. Starting to look like a TRADING ROOM now. Am running almost a few months shy of 3 years since we started JAGUAR CAPITAL MANAGEMENT. Not making any profit yet, but high hopes by January, with any luck. And that ENTREPRENEURIAL GOVERNMENT OF BELIZE DEPARTMENT ON LOCAL TV, TALKING ABOUT TEACHING ENTREPRENEURS IN 2 MONTHS, JUST MADE ME LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH! The academic types bemoaning that young entrepreneurs couldn't make a profit on their GOVERNMENT LOAN money in two months, they were going to extend it to six months. ( another laugh and chuckle ) They should ask my entrepreneurial daughters. A speculative house or boat you build to turnover, takes about 3 to 7 years. A tourist business sometimes in one year, but more often, it takes four or five years. How they expect academic eggheads working on theories to teach Belizean youth entrepreneurs is beyond me. They don't have a clue!

I like early mornings, here in Hillview, Western Belize. As I lay in my hammock at 6:30 a.m., the sun has risen over my right shoulder, clearing the Eastern ridge of Green Parrot Valley. The sun is only a yellow smear, or blob, as the cold air from higher elevations, is pouring down into Green Parrot Valley. It is fairly narrow, about a quarter mile wide. Visibility in the fog that is generated is about one block of houses, or trees away. Calm, no wind, a few birds making chatting noises. Crisp and chill. Not cold, just nice in underwear boxer shorts and a shirt. The hammock feels good, all is well with the world as the day awakens. The light is getting brighter, but so far no burn off, with the fog. Predicts a hot sunny day today. My tumor is shrinking and I'm pleased with the CurCumin that is doing it. So, no pain. I just feel good! Happy to be alive. The puppy has fully recovered from her three story fall and subsequent few weeks of laying listless recovering on an air mattress on the kitchen floor. Now she is frisky and troublesome as ever. Keeping three old folks amused with her energy. My older dog LUCKY is barking noisily in the yard, as a couple of male dogs come pestering. She is in heat. There is some kind of almost totally small yellow colored bird perched on the wires nearby of the high tension lines. Comes every morning to greet me, but I don't know what it is?


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