Friday, November 4, 2011

Belize Bond trading news updates, November, 2011.

This is the URL site for trading in Belize Bonds.

Yesterday afternoon I received in Hillview a phone call from the Chinese wanting to buy Belize Bonds. My Smart cell phone had trouble with the connection here in my suburb on the side of Green Parrot Valley in Western Belize. After a number of phone calls, and disconnections, I finally managed to understand the query from the caller and it turned out they wanted to trade in Belize Bonds. I had no knowledge of trading in Belize Bonds and told them so. To a point at one time, and they were referencing a Western Belize Happenings, BLOG SITE article, about trying to start a market in trading Belize Bonds, written in 2009 by myself. That attempt never managed to get off the ground though, as I could not then find any Belize Bonds for sale. The above web site gives the trading in Belize Bonds and it looks like they are selling at par?
The interest debt payments covered by the BONDS is rumored to jump to nearly a $100 million dollars, though I am not sure if that is USA or Belize currency? I believe it is US currency? The interest on the Belize Bonds is going to cost the very small government of Belize, about one quarter of the Government revenues in 2012?

I have evolved to become a specialist trader in INDEX OPTIONS and for the last half of this year have specialized in trading the QQQ which is an index TRUST, covering NASDAQ type stock trading. My speciality is short term trading of option contracts. Usually less than one week. At the moment I only have four months in trading the QQQ options contracts. I spent the previous 18 months learning and specializing in various type of INDEX OPTION, SPREAD TRADING methods, and finally discarded these supposedly SAFER methods of trading, as not so, nor particularly lucrative in the total. My goal for 2012 is to double my money every six months. That was happening up to about a month and a half ago, when the EXCHANGE RULES marked me as a PATTERN TRADER and forbid me to do one day trading anymore. This wrecked my trading method I had evolved, by long research and trial and error, and subsequently I have had a big drawdown, trying to figure out how to trade according to the new EXCHANGE RULES of mulitiple days of holding a trade, by trial and error.
It was only this past week, I seem to have hit on a new successful methodology of trading these contracts and am looking forward to covering my drawdown by January the first of the year, and starting to work on doubling capital again, in six months, the first half of next year. It is an interesting career and occupation. There are probably up to 20 traders in Belize trading, but usually are expat retirees. I have not been able to get anybody to train, competent coming from the University system in Belize, so shortage of trained staff for world international trading is a problem here in Belize, as is internet access, speeds and bandwidth. Only one company is offering internet service in the country of Belize, capable of handling the data flows needed for international trading around the world. (BTL ) Unfortunately, the wireless connection is SHARED by others in the community and when everybody is on, it slows down the data flow considerably and is an inconvenience when urgently trying to implement a split second, buy or sell order, and you cannot do so. My trading room uses four computers. Two of which are running almost all the time. I have battery and inverter emergency backup electricity services also, as brownouts used to be common earlier this year.

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