Tuesday, November 8, 2011


***BTL Western Belize modem for wireless internet.


We have always had peak usage periods of internet brownouts from BTL out in the Twin Towns and Santa Elena area in particular. Yesterday was slightly different, because it was a complete lockout for hours in the middle of the commercial day, from the BTL SERVER for internet.

I first noticed it around 11 a.m. My two data feed windows kept connected through the wireless modem to the BTL SERVER and the data never stopped in those two windows. But while the financial day of market action was slow and middling, with nothing much doing, any other window I used to pass the time, such as; checking the email, or working on my BLOG, or any research, was completely BLOCKED BY THE BTL SERVER.

My wife was going nuts over on her computer. Very angry! Spent about two hours trying to get into the BTL server without success and finally left irate and angry.

I was able to stick around until the financial markets in New York CLOSED around 3 p.m. A period of 4 hours and then I too, closed down my two operating data feed windows and gave up, and locked up the computer room, as useless. Fortunately from a business perspective, I had no OPEN TRADES, no financial committment needed, to either buy or sell. The market was very low volume and just diddling around in a narrow range created by stock company market makers, buying and selling for their own account. If I had had $10,000 usa bet exposed, I would have been hopping mad. Since I didn´t, I could let it pass.

Our wireless internet from BTL and this is now the only source of internet we have. There is no competition, not even from SMART, who have seemingly elected to charge cell phones by the second billing and internet by the megabyte billing. Taking Smart out of the internet service picture as far as I´m concerned.

Since my data windows stayed connected to the BTL SERVER, I could only guess, the 2 Gigabyte internet service was choked up, on OVERLOAD. The wireless modem system of internet service is a SHARED bandwidth system. Too many people on, during the middle of the business day. Must have been new customers fleeing SMART, or new school computer labs and libraries? Obviously with no abilitity to connect to the BTL SERVER, BTL were experiencing OVERLOAD for their internet service. Whether it is shortage of BANDWIDTH, too small a server, or whatever their problem. They need to upgrade their system very rapidly. Or commercial business is going to take a NOSEDIVE and there will go the GDP to lower numbers again.

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