Friday, November 18, 2011

DOUBLE TAXATION at the Western Border of Belize.


I had bought in Guatemala City, 6 rolls of plastic tying string and when I crossed the Western border, the ADUANA, the customs guy charged me $35 Bz. At the time I did not argue. But later at home took the time to review the customs charge. I see that I was charged $8.59 Bz on a value of $171.74 Bz for customs duty. I also paid $3.43 Environmental tax, the big chunk was charged for GST, or $22.98 Bz.

That GST charge puzzles me? Was this a ripoff? I paid the taxes, sales or GST on purchase in Guatemala City to the Government of Guatemala. I have not bought this inside Belize, nor am I selling it. So why am I being charged at the frontier, a sales tax, called GST? Doesn´t make any sense to me.

I would like to get it cleared up, because I was planning to buy in the U.K. a steam electric generator worth a half a million dollars, or more. If coming to Belize they are going to double tax me, on top of the U.K. taxes that must be paid, then maybe I think I will re-think the whole electric company business and probably not invest in such an enterprise to manufacture electricity for the national grid.

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