Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BELIZE - Country exploring trips for the young leaders of Belize.

* One rapid of the many in the Rio On rapids of the lower Mountain Pine Ridge section of the Belize Alps
*** Rare mountain views of remote Belize Alps
*** Rio Frio Cave


I remember a Belize Teachers College trip to the Mountain Pine Ridge, Forestry village and going up to Baldy Beacon in a truck and to Rio Frio Cave and the Rio On rapids. We stayed at a colonial government house on top of a hill. That trip at the time, was one of the Government eye opening organized trips, that filled me with AWE of the beauties of Belize, I had never heard about before. It was a wonderful, life changing and in depth look at Belize, which I have never forgot. I have explored the Mountain Pine Ridge and taken tourist tours up there since the late 1960´s with rented landrovers all through my life. NOTHING ever since has replaced that feeling I got from that wonderful trip, organized by the Belize Teachers College and the colonial government of the day. To continue those trips for Belizean penniless young people, is a project I would support from my tax dollars anytime. It changes your life and understanding of the country of Belize and a young persons life and future. It was the most dramatic life changing experience EVER during my time at the Belize Teachers College.

Ray Auxillou, Age 74 years, November, 2011.

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I am of the opinion (previously I was SURE) that while in training at Belize Teachers College in 1960's we - the students - were taken on a country tour and we traveled by road to Seine Bight then walked to Placencia. After our discussions with locals at Yoli's I am beginning to doubt my memory but I too will check with my classmates ( not many of those are left since I was "the baby" in the group) but I think Phyllis Cayetano was in that group and i will check with her.


On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 9:19 AM, lynn . wrote:

Doug and I really enjoyed our afternoon with Alvaro and Dorla.

And, Alvaro, I'm going to check on when the first vehicle came down the peninsula. Hadn't thought about it for a while, and it was before my time here, but I can easily find folks who would remember.


On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 9:04 AM, Greg Zane wrote:

Alvaro, those are great pictures from what was clearly a great trip. It's hard for me to grasp how nice the Placencia Road is now. Wow! Last time I was there, it was nothing but red dust. I have got to get back, and soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

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