Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Belize Defense Force on the patrol around our side of the border again.

** Belize Special Forces doing jungle patrols.

** Belize Defense Force patrolling inside National Western parks of Belize, protecting our patrimony from Guatemalan bandit gangs invading the country, to pillage.

It´s a nice feeling for Belizeans to hear our Belize Defence Force are doing their job, inside the Western Frontiers of Belize. With all the specialty training in jungle warfare training they have received, and tax money spent on them, it is nice to see some results. The individuals were allowed to escape, but their equipment and horses were confiscated. The KING PIN criminals on the other side, in Guatemala were identifed by those caught. The Guatemalan bandits were raiding as deep as 33 kilometers inside of the Belize frontier. This particular group of Guatemalan bandits were caught 10 kilometers inside the boundaries of Belize.

Caught as a result, they nabbed an armed logger, Evelio Adelso Romero, a villager of Las Brisas de Chiquibul in Guatemala. He was armed with a weapon, which is illegal here in Belize.

The BANDIT CHIEFTAN identified as Carlos Martinez buys the lumber, which is transported to Guatemala City. Carlos Martinez is the Chieftan of the banditry, and lumber pirating, on our side of the frontier. He lives in ARMENIA, Guatemala and pays his pirates $36 Bz a day, or Q 125 quetzal a day, to raid DEEP into Belize on his illicit activities.
Weapons were light, as .22 rifles and 16 guage shotguns were being carried. Not like the automatic AK 47´s used by Guatemalan marauders, invading down by Xalacte, Belize, further South. These latter are military style weapons and very powerful and longer range, carried by the Guatemalan bandits.

So far, the Belizean government has prohibitied using the intelligence gathered on the Bandit Chieftans, over the frontier, in the safe zone of the Guatemalan side. The question does arise from time to time, should there be retaliatory raids on the BANDIT CHIEFTANS? So far, Belize has chosen peace. The OAS has promoted cooperation between both governments and this is still working. Unfortunately, Guatemalan armed robber bandits murdered an innocent 16 year old boy from Belize on this side of the Mopan river, bordering Melchor de Menchos and Benque Viejos, the two sister border towns, yesterday. They did it, because he was poor and had no money to rob. They shot him in the back, blew a hole through him, that tore out his heart to pieces. A vicious crime by any standards. Which does not give our population a sense of security and safety. The police authorities are working jointly in both border towns, to catch the organized bandits from Melchor de Menchos area.


Posted: 22/11/2011 - 10:31 AM
Author: Adele Trapp - aotrapp@amandala.com.bz

Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), the NGO co-managing the Chiquibul National Park with the Forest Department, reported a bust today of illegal Guatemalans raping the Belizean forest of its resources in a wave of incursions that may have cost the nation tens of millions of dollars.

FCD reported that the Joint Forces Unit in the Chiquibul Forest—a team of Belize Defence Force, Police and FCD personnel—was on a mission on Friday, November 18, in the area of Tunkul, located 10 kilometers (over 6 ” said the FCD.

As a result, they nabbed an armed logger, Evelio Adelso Romero, a villager of Las Brisas de Chiquibul in Guatemala.

“In his possession was a rifle and three .22 bullets,” the FCD reported. “Another firearm was also recovered in the area: a 12-gauge shotgun and five shotgun shells.”

The report said that Evelio was cutting lumber to be transported to Nueva Armenia, where a man identified as Carlos Martinez buys the lumber, which is transported to Guatemala City.

The logger reported that he is paid 125 quetzales per day, roughly BZ$35, for cutting the logs, said the FCD.

“The Chiquibul Forest Joint Enforcement Unit personnel estimated that there were at least 8 persons operating in the area, 8 chainsaws and 4 firearms,” they added.

Evelio Romero was subsequently taken to the San Ignacio Police Station, where he was handed over to police.

“It is expected that he will be charged for possession of an unlicensed firearm, unlicensed ammunition, illegal logging and illegal entry,” said the FCD.

FCD has reiterated the urgency of increased surveillance to curb illegal Guatemalan activities inside Belize.

We understand that they are having meetings and making presentations to key Government officials this week.

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