Wednesday, November 2, 2011



To my mind, BTL internet service is better.

I went down to BTL and SMART today, to try and figure out, what it is that SMART were offering with a promotion in the mail. What had happened, was that I have not used my SMART at all for about 3 months. In fact, I had my bookkeeper go down each month and take my modem and cancel the SMART SERVICE. They refused her and since I pay her considerably to run these sort of errands, I was irrate and annoyed. I finally figured out what they are doing at SMART. They were planning on introducing a new service and were billing me for months that I didn´t want. Apparently I conclude, they have been eating up my DEPOSIT so they can keep the cash. I was forced to go in myself to listen to the sales pitch and spiel and then cancel.
I got a notice in the mail yesterday that they had a new 3 G service or something. Among the package offered was $30 a month, $50 a month for 2 Giga and something else and the high end was 10 Giga a month for $90. I thought WOW! If this is bandwidth I´m all for it. Turned out to be one of those sucker deals they offer people when selling cars. They offer a bare frills car for a low price, but when you go to the dealer, you cannot for the life of you, actually buy such a car. Doesn´t exist. Sold out or some story, and they have other models with lots of add ons. Bait and switch is the term used for such SCAMS. Well SMART are selling internet the same way is my understanding of what is going on? They cut off the old modems as of the 24th of last month. They have been refusing to cash in and cancel my SMART service anyway, for three months and now have an invoice saying I owe them for two months. Which they are going to apply to my DEPOSIT and STEAL my money, in my opinion.
The new scheme is NOT BANDWIDTH. It is a pay as you go, like a pre-paid phone card. The OLD system, you paid a flat rate, for 24 / 7 internet service. Slow at 125 kbps theoretically. The new system you are paying for what you use. Now, I want FLAT RATE. I use BTL wireless and was using SMART wireless. I have an office with three computers permanently connected to my BTL modem. I would like to connect 4 computers, as my office has 4 computers. I have at least one computer online 18 hours a day. 24 / 7 is what internet is about, especially in the financial field like I am. Data feeds are running constantly with market news. The new SMART system, as well as the old wireless modem only allowed you to connect ONE COMPUTER to the internet at a time. An inconvenience in business, as you are sometimes, when things are hectic, watching two monitors with data feeds at the same time. Under the new SMART system, you buy a PRE-PAID number of Giga bytes of download, or upload I believe? Just like a cell phone. When you have used up your card, you then get BILLED by the megabyte for what you use for the rest of the month, is as I understood how the girl at the SMART office explained it to me. Soon as I heard that, I told her CANCEL me please. I was annoyed that they had kept billing me for non-usuage anyway, to basically steal my deposit cash, as I interepret it. Three photos would take a megabyte. Anyway, the NEW DEAL with SMART is, they are going to treat internet users like a cell phone card. You pay for what you expect to use and then pay for anything over that amount in one month.
Totally impractical for business. The other thing, you can only use one computer per card. PURE RIPOFF and cannot build the development of Belize.
BTL on the other hand, have a modem with two antennas and 3 plug in connections for 3 computers. The FLAT FEE is 24/7 per month and you know where you are financially.
There is no way, my business could stay in business on a pay as you use system, that maximizes cash returns to the telecommunications company like SMART have switched to. Couple of instructional videos run, to learn how to do something, like cook a meal, or sew a dress, or make a weaving shawl, or weave a hammock, smoke some fish, or anything at all, and you would be out of TIME for internet usage and your pre-paid fee for the month would be expired and you would get cut off. I guess ASHCROFT wants to become a BILLIONAIRE again, by fleecing people in Belize.

With BTL I get a wireless modem with 3 connections for 3 computers. The bandwidth is 2 gigabyte. The drawback is the bandwidth is SHARED with everybody else in the TWIN TOWNS our West here. This means during peak periods when everybody is using BTL, the internet speed slows down tremendously. Unfortunate, but now BTL is in Government control, I´m sure for building the nation and development needs put first as a priority, they will eventually expand the available bandwidth and probably speed too. ANYWAY, I no longer have SMART and wouldn´t touch such a pay by the megabyte system with a ten foot pole. I´d go back to satellite service first, or move to a neighboring country where they have normal internet service.

That is my understanding of how things stand between SMART and BTL internet service.

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