Thursday, November 17, 2011

UDP report card goes up 2 points to 4% approval rating.

** Rene Montero, one of the 5 or so actual WORKING UDP politicians in the CABINET GOVERNMENT.


RENE MONTERO, Central Cayo representative and Agriculture Minister in the UDP Cabinet, earns 2 points for the badly managed UDP government.

There was a media generated public frenzy on television about government cancelled horse races scheduled for this coming Sunday. While the TV MEDIA were stoking the fires of the controversy, RENE MONTERO called a meeting a couple of days ago with the objecting race organizers for the usage of the horse racing track. Essentially when Rene Montero was interviewed, he said there was no such idea of cancelling the planned horse races, for this SUNDAY, or even the mechanical three and four wheeler races later in the month, using the RACE TRACK. What he said was, that his intention was to bring these new organizers of horse and other races into the fold of the BELMONT JOCKEY CLUB that controls the race track. To make it easier to maintain, schedule and do the things necessary for maintainance and operation of the facility. Rene explained he had served TWICE as past CHAIRMAN of the BELMONT JOCKEY CLUB and it was desired that all groups using the race track, join up with the umbrella organization, to avoid competition and scheduling for the facility. In a low key meeting a couple of days ago, all and sundry had agreed to join the BELMONT JOCKEY CLUB and take part in managing the government race track facility. His presentation on video and explanations, were HUMBLE, CONSIDERED, POLITE and well received, unlike the storm of controversy instigated by the TV CABLE MEDIA coverage.
The horse racing this SUNDAY at the BELMONT race track will involve horses from Belize River Valley WEST, Belize River Valley EAST, Orange Walk district in the North and the COROZAL District in the NORTH.
RENE MONTERO did a political masterpiece and for this we award his UDP party government 2 points.

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