Friday, November 18, 2011

USA GRAND CHESS MASTER takes on 28 Belizeans at one time, and Alfred Awe takes him to a DRAW. 2011.

*** Alfred Awe of Belize, a young man, who played a USA GRAND MASTER of chess to a DRAW at the Radisson Hotel tournament in Belize, in November, 2011.

FANTISTIC video film, on local cable TV news, of the National Chess Match held at the Radisson Hotel in the port. This event was done by an invited GRAND MASTER of chess, from the USA. Born in Jamaica, the guy probably has dual citizenship. Needless to say, as a black man he went over good in the port town. On the Belize National CHESS FEDERATION scene, his performance was outstanding. There are about 1000 CHESS GRAND MASTERS around the world. It is a life long achievement and title when you get there.
What was organized in Belize, were two competitions. The best players were invited from all the six districts of Belize and the GRAND MASTER then played 28 chess players from Belize, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. The tournament took a bit over two hours. Only one BELIZEAN managed to bring the GRAND MASTER to a DRAW, that winner was Alfred Awe. When interviewed, Alfred said he lost to the GRAND MASTER of chess, very badly last time. This CHESS GRANDMASTER has come to Belize 7 times in all. I would think Belizeans as a whole should be very proud of ALFRED AWE.
The second tournament was one of those fast rapid tournaments, in which a timer is used to time the moves you make. The CHESS GRAND MASTER was allowed only 1 minute to make his move. 60 seconds. The Belizean competition, 14 of them, were given 2 minutes to make their move in this type of New York park speed chess. The timer has a button you push. You make your move and hit the button. If you go over your minute and the bell rings, you lose. I´d read about this type of rapid chess playing in books. It sounds interesting and very good intellectually.
Chess is good for youngsters on so many levels. It teaches strategy, tactics, planning, pattern recognition, and teaches most importantly CONSEQUENCES for your actions. Things you will use all through your life, to your advantage. Giving you an edge up on other people, who do not have a chess playing background.

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