Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Romance in Western Belize honeymoon and raves for ATM trip

Romance in Belize's Jungles & Beaches
Sebastian & Julianne's Belize Honeymoon

My wife and I chose Belize for our honeymoon because of all it has to offer: beaches, scuba diving, fishing, archaeology and wildlife. We started in San Ignacio Town (Cayo District), where we toured the Maya pyramids of Caracol, swam at Big Rock Waterfall, explored Rio Frio Cave and spelunked the ATM Cave (our favorite). Our archaeological guide Sergio Paiz and ATM Cave guide Carlos Panti were very knowledgeable and friendly. Our hotel in San Ignacio, Martha’s Guesthouse, was very comfortable and a great value.

Then we jumped on a boat with Captain Fermin, who took us to the quiet and remote coral island of Tobacco Caye... Read More

Read more about Sebastian and Julianne's Belize honeymoon including swimming with sharks and petting stingrays! Continue reading to find out more

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Belize honeymoon offers accommodation that would suit every couple's pocket. There are many hotels and resorts in the small towns of Belize, which offer economical rates. There are giant tropical trees and amazing waterfalls. Belize honeymoon will bring you close to nature. There are many butterfly farms in Belize where you can see the process of transformation of a lowly caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. Thank you...

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