Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Whooooeeee! Belize Debt to GDP ratio is 58% says WIKIPEDIA calculation.

*** This is OUR FINANCE MINISTER. Dean Barrow is his name, a mediocre lawyer, but astute successful politician. He is our EL CAUDILLO in what is essentially a STRONG ONE MAN GOVERNMENT, supported by a cast of characters called a CABINET, made of ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES supposedly representing 4000 voters each. He is also NOT ELECTED by the majority vote of the population of Belize. He gets to be Prime Minister solely because he is head leader of his gang the UDP group. Thus the Queen´s representative locally in the Commonwealth organization, the Governor General rubber stamps him under our Constitutional setup, as PRIME MINISTER. We should by rights move to a REPUBLIC type constitution, in which we the citizens and voters of Belize get to popularly ELECT our own PRIME MINISTER? The political gangs will not allow this though, as it would throw a check and balance against being able to plunder the tax flows of the treasury.


In economics, the debt-to-GDP ratio is one of the indicators of the health of an economy. It is the amount of national debt of a country as a percentage of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). A low debt-to-GDP ratio indicates an economy that produces a large number of goods and services and probably profits that are high enough to pay back debts. Governments aim for low debt-to-GDP ratios and can stand-up to the risks involved by increasing debt as their economies have a higher GDP and profit margin. According to the CIA World Factbook, the 2010 public debt-to-GDP ratio in the US was 62.3% with a gross debt-to-GDP ratio of about 92.3%. [1] The level of public debt in Japan in 2010 was 225.8% of GDP. [2] The level of public debt in Germany in the same year was 78.8% of GDP. [3]

Particularly in macroeconomics, various debt-to-GDP ratios can be calculated. The most commonly used ratio is the Government debt divided by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which reflects the government's finances, while another common ratio is the total debt to GDP, which reflects the finances of the nation as a whole.


So in Belize, our DEBT TO GDP RATIO is 58% according to World Bank figures.

Woooooeeeee! Hmmmmmnnnnn! What do you the Belize TAXPAYER think of that? I have a very hard time myself in believing this is true! I would sure like some economists to double check the figures. If the 58% figure is true, then Mr. Dean Barrow, Finance Minister has been doing well with our government. If this is a true figure, it is worth + 10% points on the government report card. Somebody double check for me please! Back three years ago, he started with an inheritence of 76% of GDP as the debt ratio. If true, why is he not BRAGGING ABOUT IT? Unlike him not to brag? That´s what politicians do, to garner votes and public support. If true, and I am a cynic, I am IMPRESSED.

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