Sunday, November 20, 2011



The political situation in Belize, is that while the old guard PUP have a good organization, it is unlikely the party will get control of the government again, under the old guard fellows, who are tainted with to many levels of corruption.

The UDP running the government right now, are failing. After a successful first two years, that got the country through the World and Financial crisis and economic slowdowns, fairly good, at the cost of increased debt. An acceptable compromise. They are trying hard in nebulous things, that can be assigned to well meaning bureaucrats, such as trying to train entrepreneurs, but this really is not taking off and most of the fault is outmoded government rules and regulations, plus the tax regime. I got the shock of my life, when crossing the border and expected to pay customs duties on my Guatemala purchases, but the biggest HIT was what I personally consider an illegal GST tax, huge cost the sales tax, as a percentage of everything. It makes a new meaning to contraband as a way of life, if you can? The cost of the successful relatively speaking economic crisis three years, was that the DEBT to GDP ratio jumped badly, from 76% the UDP inherited from Said Musa leader of the previous administration, to around 85% Debt to GDP ratio we have right now. Bringing that GDP debt ratio down is the name of the game, but unlikely, as only a year or two in the next election cycles are causing ferment in the political playing realm, on the local scene. The UDP are failing to deal with the mundane operational functions of politics; particularly the oversight of the bureaucracy supposed to be doing things. For the most part the bureaucracy have their hands tied, as almost everything in the decision, policy making field is run by CABINET MINISTERS of the party and collectively as a group. The politicians are failing individually, and as a group to take care of the day to day, problems arising in the functioning of our country. They are too busy politiking and generally leading the good life, is the impression. This has shot their approval rating report card, down from over 75% at one time, to a mere 4% or so right now. Unless they ACT and start tending to day to day business, it could cost them the election, if the new UNIFIED GROUP OF THIRD PARTY GROUPS GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER AND GET ORGANIZED FOR door to door of shaking hands, getting their message out and kissing babies and that sort of thing.

The UNIFIED THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES are favored by the SWING VOTERS, as an alternative to the UDP, but so far seemingly are neither getting organized, campaigning, or showing their ideas and stuff. They seem to be invisible? If they don´t move soon, they will lose their chance and the UDP will win by DEFAULT. Give the SWING VOTERS any kind of a reasonable logical alternate choice, and they could realistically take the next general election.

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