Monday, November 14, 2011


*** Lazy incompetent CABINET MINISTER, UDP Melvin Hulse. Supposedly the Minister of Transportation, but in 3 years of collecting a salary and perks, he has not solved the problem of bus transportation, between Benque Viejo town and the CUSTOMS and Immigration station at the Western Frontier with Guatemala. You see people walking the side of the road the 2.5 miles to the bus station in Benque, in the hot sun; because the TAXI ASSOCIATION have a monopoly on transport at the border and charge EXORBITANT outrageous prices. Fortunately for Melvin Hulse, he does not get elected out here in the WEST, but someplace down in the coastal STANN CREEK valley. He would get fired and un-elected pronto out WEST here, next election if we had a choice. As a Cabinet Minister with a NATIONAL PORTFOLIO, he is worse than useless after three years. PM BARROW should give his Ministry to somebody capable of getting things done, if the nation is to go forward.


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