Wednesday, November 16, 2011



The government of the day, the UDP CABINET, have become arrogant, lazy, inefficient and don´t seem at all concerned about the next election? So they are neglecting to do the basic grunt work of managing the CABINET MINISTRY PORTFOLIOS assigned to them. Lots of normal day to day functions of management are going wanting and work projects necessary for the good government of the country are piling up, for lack of leadership. With a declining REPORT CARD score now down to 2%, the UDP government are perilously just above a negative rating for approval. They have become complacent about their control of the government of Belize and no longer tending to business.

The disarray and game of musical chairs, in the OPPOSITION PUP, who are out of power for perceived and suspected criminality, embezzlement schemes and other nefarious money making corruption schemes. So far, they are changing leaders almost as fast as I change my underwear. ( grin ) Anyway, nobody trusts the PUP in opposition, to EVER get back in government control. We will be paying taxes on the debts they amassed over misused and alleged stolen monies for decades to come, effecting our GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, Grandchildren. So with no viable OPPOSITION, the managing default government of the UDP are plagued by incompetence and mismanagement, due to low capabilities of the quality of elected area representatives. The day to day running of government is left to the work of the bureaucrats and in some areas, their hands are tied, as many jobs require political approval and they cannot EVEN find their CABINET PORTFOLIO MINISTERS, to carry on the grunt work of running and improving the country.

A recent blurb in the news about a new organization of political OPPOSITION, a UNIFIED government opposition of third parties is encouraging. I just wish they would get their ACT TOGETHER, and they would organize some press conferences and put in play the new actors, going to run in the next GENERAL ELECTION. Let us see what they have, and how they talk? The country badly needs a CHANGE! We need a more organized and active UNIFIED POLITICAL OPPOSITION. GET TO IT BOYS AND GIRLS? The UDP are falling down on the job. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! A REAL ONE!

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