Tuesday, November 15, 2011



The UDP seem to have a death wish, they are accelerating their demise to oblivion, riding a wave of overconfidence and complacency. Their approval rating drops 15 POINTS this morning on three issues of political mismanagement. The approval rating was at a lackluster 17%, but drops today to 2% with a 15 point cut.

1) First issue was the NEGLECT to read the BY-LAWS of the Placentia Town Council who have been patiently waiting since 2003 to get the final act of making their by-laws legal, by the government ( any government ) to read them in the house. A requiremet of the law, to make the by-laws legal. We had said, we would take off 5 points from their report card, each month, they failed to do their their CABINET jobs they are paid for in managing the country of Belize, on this issue. A month and a half has passed and each FRIDAY we look at CABLE TV NEWS to see if there is a re-run of them doing this small job, they are required to do by law. So far, nothing! In fact, we didn´t even see any news for HOUSE SITTINGS for the last two FRIDAYS. - 5 POINTS deduction.

2) The CABINET has FAILED to resolve the issue of bus transportation to the WESTERN FRONTIER immigration and customs station. This has been going on for the whole three years of this UDP administration. A trip last week, brought this re-curring nagging deficiency in government political management to my attention, when I had to go and come back from the border myself, last week. LOSS of 5 POINTS for failure to do the proper job by the UDP CABINET.

3) CABLE TV NEWS this Tuesday morning, Nov. 15th, 2011, with lots of video of the ROSEWOOD GOLD RUSH occuring in Toledo. Reports from observers on the ground and videos, show stacks and stacks and more stacks of ROSEWOOD, plus truck loads going out of the TOLEDO DISTRICT on the only ONE ROAD out of there, with ROSEWOOD 8 ft, by 6 inch x 6 inch timbers. No check points and a check by an NGO with the FORESTRY OFFICER found he did not even have his precious exclusive stamp for logs being harvested in his possession. He had rented, or lent it to somebody and hadn´t got it back yet. The techno bureaucry, NGO´s said on TV; are in on the ROSEWOOD GOLDRUSH and the CABINET dithers, or is bribed. Currently the gangs of lumber pirates are tresspassing and cleaning out absentee private owners properties and are expected to shift to raping the National Parks next. Within six months, there will not be a harvestable ROSEWOOD tree in the forests of TOLEDO DISTRICT. The charge has been made by the NGO´s, is that; the UDP CABINET do not care, or are just avoiding dealing with the issue. It will take about 200 years to grow back this resource. Cedar and mahogany are next, now the gangs of lumber pirates have it down to a fine art. The UDP CABINET LOSE 5 POINTS ON THIS ISSUE ALSO.

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