Thursday, November 17, 2011

Poor small CITRUS GROWERS ASSOCIATION - an opinion piece, my opinion!

*** Henry Anderson, who is a smooth talking, glib, CON MAN, in my opinion, taking advantage of his less educated association membership.


Nobody not in the citrus growers association, really understands the nuances and undercurrents going on inside the Citrus Growers Association, but a television phone interview yesterday pegged Henry Anderson, the CEO as the problem in my own mind. Here is the way as an outsider, I think of it. In my long lifetime, I´ve dealt with CON MEN quite a few times, and when I hear one, recognize it immediately, or almost.
There is nothing more damaging, than a smooth, fast talking, glib conman, master of his art of the innuendo, misdirection, when dealing with the naive, uneducated and gullible. He has to have a mastery of his subject and be glib with all the latest, technical and business jargon. Hearing Henry Anderson on the telephone in a Television show yesterday on local cable tv, made me laugh with surprise, and sadness for the fate of the many more ignorant lay people, small citrus growers in the hundreds, who have been hornswoggled by this fast talking manipulating smoothie.
The subject was over the threatened need to close the Citrus factory, due to the Board of Directors, of whom, he represents the Citrus Growers Association. In the tv telephone interview he was explaining his rational. What a pile of BULL MANURE that was! Sounded legit, full of quasi business science, the hallmark of a con game.
Still the arguments do not hold water when dealing with somebody a least bit familiar with business practices. For me the GIVE-A-WAY was the CRAP he trotted out on the current HIGH PRICE of world citrus and the need to get better prices for his Association membership. Now anybody knowledgeable who has been reading the newspaper arguments and fighting going on, between the factory and the Citrus Growers Association, can only wonder at the stupidity being showed. In the interview he was going on again, with this CRAP. I wondered what he was doing spouting such nonsense as CEO of the citrus Association. The factory, in good business practices, buys CITRUS FUTURES CONTRACTS, as I understand it, in three month and six month FUTURES CONTRACTS, to stabilize the earnings the citrus industry gets, from avoidance of world market price swings. This is a logical, normal and ordinary practice in any commodity producer who is big enough. You never get the best high price in good times, and you never get the WORST price in bad times, but it does average out the prices you get over a longer period of time, which you cannot forecast, because of the fluctuations in the world citrus economy. Now this guy Henry Anderson is smart enough to know this. So why was he motivated to throw out this chestnut in his TV interview? Quite plain I figured. Since the majority of his small Citrus Growers membership don´t even know what a FUTURES CONTRACT is, or how to use one in business, he was simply taking advantage of their ignorance and lower business education, by playing to their FEARS and HOPES, by rapping about; "we should get a higher price, because world prices are higher", and all that balarney a smooth talking con man would use. What possible motivation could there be? His elected job probably and his salary income, expenses and perks is the usual type in an ASSOCIATION, or a Cooperative. The idea to play on the imagination, ignorance and fears and hopes of his less educated membership, to keep himself in the CEO´s seat, earning a good salary income. At least it works that way in Fishing Cooperatives. We have seen quite a few con artists go through the Northern Fisherman´s Cooperative in the earlier years. These CEO´s are all about feathering their own nest, and maniupulating their membership that elect them. Henry Anderson is the biggest problem, the small Citrus Growers Association have, in my opinion after listening to him first hand. I feel sad and sorry for their membership who are being fed a bunch of malarky, to keep the pot boiling, so one man can take advantage of them, for his own purposes. PAAH! A POX ON CON ARTISTS!

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