Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Rosewood guitar bridge blanks $10 usa each on E Bay
Rosewood guitar fingerboard blank, $40 usa on E Bay
Rosewood coffee table fram $875
Rosewood blanks $75 usa on E Bay
Small Rosewood blanks for making pens $17 usa
Rosewood guitar blanks $875 usa on E Bay
Rosewood blank for sale on E Bay for $75 usa

*** Expensive chopsticks. The demand exceeds the supply, by billions.

The market for ROSEWOOD, chopsticks is in the billions, as a status expensive symbol of wealth and power, in Asian countries with a Chinese population. Chopsticks are mostly disposable eating utensils.

Yet the UDP GOVERNMENT has allowed the export of raw ROSEWOOD, rare, endangered wood, such as ROSEWOOD and some other types of wood, to be plundered in the name of short term greed. If all the ROSEWOOD logs on the ground, were made into chopsticks, for the upscale market in ASIA, you still could not fill the demand for them. As a Value Added Product coming out of Belize, that is the proper use for ROSEWOOD. Not selling and shipping the raw chunked logs for somebody else to run the machinery to make chopsticks.

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