Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beginning food export industry of Belize

We can make foods to export in Belize, will the 5000 graduates of this year 2009 get started?
Grace Kennedy exports from Jamaica internationally.
Grace Kennedy food exports international


Grace Kennedy of Jamaica is a well run operation, for promoting Jamaican food products and also for finding sources of food products in other countries world wide. There is a tremendous lot of expertise in the company and their brand name is known quite well internationally. Grace Kennedy ( Belize ) Ltd. a franchise operation, or a subsidiary, is a good thing for Belize.
What struck me most the other day in an email from them here in pioneer
Belize, is that they are having a difficult time in finding producers of products locally, that they can market under their well established international brand name. They buy cheap, label and repackage and quality control mostly, plus of course the marketing and advertising involved with such a thing. Needless to say GRACE KENNEDY LTD. has a lot of experience under their belt. We need that in Belize to start micro manufacturing and exporting, to build our small economy.
I wonder how one would disseminate the information to small rural village women, that there is a market locally for properly prepared produce such as; jams, sausages, meats, fruit pulp blends, and other international foods? The village women of course if interested, would probably have to consult with GRACE KENNEDY in Belize City, if they can produce something from locally available fruits, or other ideas in food processing. A lot of small producers can make a seasonal product to fill a container full any day. It is GRACE KENNEDY’s ( Belize ) Ltd., chosen role to be the middle man organizer of it all and an excellent industry with great potential. I would guess Grace Kennedy (Belize ) Ltd. would have to provide the containers, or packaging style, to be uniform in an established brand name?

I wonder if BIG H are coming along also? Maybe they are having the same problem in finding producers of food products? Such a business relies on a lot of little people doing just a small part in the process of developing a big export industry with a world wide reputation. I wonder if our 5000 graduates this year of higher education in Belize have the smarts to create a niche for themselves in this business world? Somehow I doubt it? Wonder why? I do hope so though and wonder if the education they have received in Belize is relevant to this opportunity? I don’t get to talk to my grandchildren very much, to even find out what kind of education they are getting, which I miss.

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