Thursday, July 23, 2009


* ZELAYA the ex-ALBA 'President for Life' aspirant of Honduras.


The story is that 3 days before ZELAYA was shipped off to EXILE in Costa Rica, his henchman, went to the TREASURY with approved demands for $40 million dollars the newspapers in Honduras are saying. Forget the guy's name, but he is on Zelaya's negotiating team in Costa Rica. At any rate, he went in demanding with proper authorizations from ZELAYA, $40 million of government tax revenues. He did not state for what PUBLIC PURPOSE? The kicker was that the money was not to be wire transfered, or by a bank draft, but as in money laundering in CASH to fit into suitcases and cardboard boxes. It took the bureaucracy a few days to go into gear, though the alarm bells were ringing. By the time they got to checking on this, Zelaya had been airlifted to Costa Rica.
So the newspapers in Honduras have photos on the web, where the police went raiding the side kick of ZELAYA's, house. What they found shocked them. It wasn't the stolen $40 million dollars, but an office of computers for voter reconciliation for the counting for the REFERENDUM vote on changing the Constitution of Honduras permiting ZELAYA to run for another term in office again. Most Latin countries have had such trouble with dictators they have in their constitutions a requirement there is only one term per President.
At any rate ZELAYA had won according to the voting computers, by voting districts with an 80% vote in favor. The thing is, there NEVER was the REFERENDUM as Zelaya was pre-empted and taken to Costa Rica. Talk about a bunch of criminal communists, socialists, PRESIDENTS FOR LIFE gang of swindlers, this bunch of ALBA Presidents are?
The $40 million is still missing in CASH. ZELAYA won the REFERENDUM vote to run again for the Presidency, without any need of an actual on the ground referendum by the voters.
Now how can Dean Barrow of Belize not smell a criminal? He's a politician, he should know one when he sees it.

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