Friday, July 10, 2009

Belize UDP government jumps from 44% to 48% approval rating.

Elrington scores public performance points for UDP government on attitude and frankness of Sugar ACT


Interview on Television Channel 7 this morning with Elrington, something to do with the legal business in the CABINET. Not sure what his title is, but he is a big wig on internal Belize legal matters as one of the hats he wears in multiple responsibilities.

At any rate the Belize Supreme Court made an unusual decision to call in the GOB lawyer and a breakaway thousand member cane farmers group, who had separated from the main cane farmers association, regarding the new cane farmer group challenge of a Cane Farmers Association ACT, for control of the sugar industry. I vaguely remember the history of this and if memory serves me right, the government of the time was the PUP and they passed hurriedly this Government ACT controlling the cane farmers in a monopoly situation. At the time I remember thinking it was unfair and bad for development of Belize .

Elrington representing this current government went even further in his comments. He said, the Government recognizes that the breakaway thousand member cane farmers group were entitled to govern themselves in competition with the other group, formerly in a monopoly situation. Elrington went on to explain, that the whole ACT in the legal terminology was constitutionally illegal and indefensible from this governments point of view in a court of law.

He went on to say, the ACT would be scrapped and they will probably start over, or evolve something else. In the meantime, sugar producers are free to form their own associations.

I’m sorry I can’t remember the details, of either Elrington’s title in this interview, he wears so many hats in government? Also I cannot remember the particular SUGAR ACT name either. I do remember the unfairness and dictatorial method of the PUP at the time in creating a monopoly over what was then a more unsophisticated sugar cane farmer. Which today is not at all true in Belize , they are very smart people and mostly self educated. In any case, the attitude of ELRINGTON on behalf of his UDP government was refreshing and progressive for development of Belize . “DOWN WITH MONOPOLIES!”

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