Saturday, July 25, 2009


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CARICOM has broken up. One of the main sticking points were the free movement of peoples as citizens of the greater nation of CARICOM. Jamaica didn't want it at all. They are afraid they will get swamped by other islanders. Nor does Barbadoes much in the news recently in deporting Caricom nationals, not of Barbados. Trinidad neither wants them. Therein lies the rub behind the decades of rhetoric. Current Presidents, or Prime Minister's do not want to become second class citizens in their own countries with new titles of State Governor instead of a Prime Minister or President on the International scene.
CARICOM had gone as far as egos, pride and self interest in getting rich would allow and CARICOM never could get past this point at all. It all came out in the last Heads of Government meeting. Nobody was going to budge an inch. Certainly not Barbados, Trinidad, Cayman, or Jamaica. So there you have it. With the additional loss of four countries from Caricom, to the ALBA Communist block as the new totalitarian IRON CURTAIN drops over Latin America and the Caribbean for oil gifts. Plus a new organization of Eastern Caribbean States with their own airline and currency. CARICOM as a dream is all over now. Only need to mop up the blood on the floor, fire a few CARICOM secretariat people, cut the budget allocations and we are back to square one.
I'm glad thats over with. It was a foregone conclusion, but the politicians and bureaucrats rode it for along time, for the expense paid trips and so called business meetings, when they were actually vacationing and playing BIG MAN to the ignorant masses of their own countries. It is a wonder we the masses tolerated this CHARADE as long as we did? Still we in the Caribbean tend to be apathetic about such things.

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