Friday, July 24, 2009


* Another Foreign Policy loser for Belize in the governing UDP. This is Elrington a lawyer.
* The loser, Prime Minister a whiz at party politics but a great big DUNCE in Foreign Policy.

* Patrick Faber ( Minister of Education ) rising star in the political party governing Belize. Expected to replace Dean Barrow in the next elections.


Caricom has followed the demise of the Federation of the West Indies. Glen Godfrey a lawyer and writer in Belize has done a masterful explanation and analysis of what finally happened at the last CARICOM heads meeting. We would reprint the analysis on our BLOG, but as it is copyrighted, we cannot do so.
In a nutshell. The Eastern Caribbean island chain has gone independent in their own grouping, with their own common passport and currency, under the organization of oil rich TRINIDAD. Where Barbados belongs in this grouping is not known, but we suspect it remains a remnant of British Empire of some sort of classification. Four island countries have joined the ALBA South American grouping, signing allegiance to Emperor Hugo Chavez in return for oil supplies and food supplies the media announced. Jamaica is going it alone, with forty years of very poor leadership, which cannot withstand the stresses of the current World Depression. The past leaders of Jamaica were so obsessed with PRIDE and EGO, that they ran themselves heavily into DEBT, maintaining at taxpayer expense a number of institutions they could not afford, like AIR JAMAICA which alone cost them $500 million a year in subsidies, but is now no more.
Guyana, Belize, Cayman and Jamaica seem to be out in the cold, each separated from the others by vast distances and insurmountable obstacles of transportation and commercial inter-connection. Each of these must go their own way, the best they can.
Belize our country on the remote far away, Western Caribbean Rim, is partially involved with Central America and Mexico and it is expected if the present UDP government has any sense at all, they will strengthen our economic ties to Central America. The coastal black controlled UDP government are not renowned for common sense though and our Prime Minister wears a DUNCES cap regarding our Belize Foreign Policy. Nowadays, daily buses, good roads and services in general, connect us rapidly and efficiently with Central America and Mexico. Our future is here.
CARICOM basically broke up. There may be some final death throes as the Caricom secretariat bureaucrats fight to keep the subsidy cash flows for maintaining their jobs. In all other senses, CARICOM is no more! The venture no longer exists, except in the imaginations and dreams of an entrenched bureaucracy. In the meantime, Caricom supporters are flopping around like a dead fish on the floor boards of your fishing boat, or a chicken running around the back yard with it's head already cut off.
The recent flood of CARICOM passports in Belize are now COLLECTORS items and probably will fetch a good price eventually, on E BAY, as a piece of history that no longer exists.
The question is,; what will the dominant Creole Caribbean orientated population of the port Belize City do now? Skin color bothers them and many are blatant racists and will fight to the death not to expand business and economics with the Maya of Guatemala and the Mestizos of Salvador and Honduras. Even our Prime Minister, Dean BARROW who was Caricom Chairman recently will have a very hard time adjusting to pragmatic realities in this new world, in which CARICOM is nothing and has no meaning. Our Prime Minister hasn't shown any common sense at all in Foreign policy so far in his term of office. Patrick Faber is looking like the best replacement for leader of the UDP when Dean Barrow retires at the end of this term. So there is hope a little bit.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and Humpty Dumpty took a great fall. Unfortunately, these pieces cannot be put back together again. The dream of British orientated intellectuals, for a Caribbean Federation, mostly in Jamaica and Barbados is over.
Belizeans face a brave new world, but will our current leadership be able to adapt? That is the question?

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