Thursday, July 9, 2009

GRACE KENNEDY OF (BELIZE) LTD. imports products as a Merchant importer supplier

Jamaican jerk sauce
Grace Kennedy Ltd jerky pork chops.


Grace Kennedy of Belize Ltd sent me a very nice announcement of all the food products they sell in Belize. They had some advertisement and celebration for their employees, to do with their supplying the Belizean market with processed food stuffs down in the port town of Belize City on the Eastern coast.
I apologize if I am wrong in my impressions. But my impression is that; Grace Kennedy in Belize is a subsidiary of Grace Kennedy of Jamaica and imports all their products from Jamaica and Trinidad to sell in Belize? As a growth industry using the Belize market for CARICOM products, there is nothing really wrong with that. I buy their stuff because it is cheaper and good quality and even buy it when up in Florida where it can be found on supermarket shelves.
My impression though, rightly or wrongly; is that GRACE KENNEDY LTD of Belize is nothing more than a repackager over in the CARIBBEAN and in Belize simply is an old fashioned colonial style merchant middleman importer. I notice some of their products are probably mass produced in both Chile and Singapore in plastic bottles and cans, that are simply BRAND LABELED and imported first to Jamaica and then distributed to Belize. I appreciate they are successful and establishing a CARIBBEAN BRAND NAME internationally. However I cannot respect the local company.
Economically they do not contribute to Belize for industrial food processing growth is my impression. I forget the name of the firm out Western Belize here? Harrison H, or BIG H, or something like that, but they at least are creating the economic business like Grace Kennedy, but doing it here in Belize, whether it is producing, or repackaging. This to me is what Belize needs, not necessarily building the economy of Jamaica or Trinidad, even though there is a lot of talk of FREE CARICOM MARKETS. What Belize needs is jobs and to get that, we need to produce this stuff here. Then our companies can grow to EXPORT Belize products to places like Canada, Taiwan and China and the USA and Europe. Should the GRACE KENNEDY LTD branch do that here, then they get respect. Any idiot can import, wholesale and retail imported goods. For me in my uninformed opinions, BIG H is superior to Belizean economic development than GRACE KENNEDY. Though GRACE KENNEDY is bringing ideas and expertise which is good for Belize.

On a late note as I print this, Grace Kennedy ( Belize ) Ltd. said so far, they are only packaging, vinegar and bleach locally in Belize, but they have recently hired a Development Advisor to see what they can do with Belizean producers.

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