Friday, July 10, 2009

OAS in shambles over Honduras! Insulza a dictator.

Insulza, incompetent diplomat turned dictator heads faulty OAS idiots.


Where is the OAS going?
By Julio Alvear Téllez (free translation from Spanish)

Where is the Organization of American States going?
There is a question that Mr. Jose Miguel Insulza has been leaving without answering in his latest performances as General Secretary of the OAS and which is starting to motivate uncertainty among diverse analysts at the international level. Does a democratic election protect any type of abuse of presidential functions? What is democracy for the OAS?
These are not trivial questions. The present directorate of the OAS has persistently ignored all accusations of democratic “deficit” of the political, social and economic process that is imposed by Presidents (some of them military) to their countries of the so called Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas (Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela). It seems like whatever they do in regard to concentration of power those who subscribe to this anomalous populist alternative –including Zelaya—have a lucky immunity. There is no other way, in my view, to interpret Chavez’s threat to attack Honduras militarily, and received by the OAS with such beatific silence if not scandalous.
International press analysts of different tendencies have started to notice Insulza’s, till now so reasonable, lack of equanimity. “El Universal” a newspaper from Caracas has published a very strong article entitled “On hypocrisy and other coups that the OAS doesn’t see” (5-7-09). The newspaper “El Pais” from Spain, of a known leftist tendency, publishes “idiots against hypocrites” and says: “the Hondurans clumsiness is only exceeded by the explosion of hypocrisy that has been unleashed.” It says hypocrisy because the ALBA presidents, admirers of the Cuban dictatorship, and some of them “golpistas” (in favor of a coup), who before despised the OAS, now are asking for its help: “they treat their general secretary, the Chilean Jose Miguel Insulza, as their maximum warrantor of the Latin-American democracies (…) Therefore it’s comforting to see that Honduras has made Chavez think twice and that now he works in association with Insulza to protect democracy (!)” (5-7-09).
Madrid’s “ABC” (6-7-09) shows how the OAS with its intervention is sending to the world the following message: “there is only one power, the President’s (Zelaya), which can do and undo as it pleases, without taking into account in any way the other State powers.” But democracy belongs to the Hondurans as well as its judicial-political constitutionality, not to Chavez and his minions. “If the OAS, which by the way just invited Cuba to join it, wants to really help resolve the Honduras crisis, the first thing it needs to do is not to take sides beforehand in the dispute. Then, to insist that the Hondurans are the ones who have to arrive at a compromise without external interference. And lastly, remember that, although a bit old but still valid, democratic legitimacy is based on three state powers, not on street mobs.”
Such lack of independence in the OAS General Secretary is extremely strange. That’s why it’s not excessive to ask: where is the OAS going?
(Translator’s Note: When Mr. Insulza was asked about the Honduras’ claim that Zelaya had violated the Constitution, he answered: “that is not important.” The interview was broadcasted by CNN in Spanish).

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