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Report from Belize, a neighbor of our friend Honduras, July, 2009

We watched the International press conference on Sunday, of senior members of the Democratically elected government of Honduras, over the organized attacks by their fellow member countries in ALBA on Honduras for an internal political squabble. They announced that the country would return to business as usual on Monday. Schools will open and government offices. The press conference revealed that ex-President Zelaya was being flown around and protected in Venezuelan government airplanes, on their payroll. President Ortega of Nicaragua is amassing military troops on the border with Honduras it was rumored and making threats of invasion, as another member of ALBA, the press corps reported. ZELAYA was refused permission to land in Honduras.
Honduras had resigned from the Organization of American States for their false reporting of a military coup in Honduras. Later the other night the OAS said they were evicting Honduras from the OAS. Since the resignation of Honduras from the OAS was already done, one can only wonder what was happening in the minds of the OAS leadership, when the country of Honduras they wished to evict was not even any longer a member. From the press and public here in Belize, it looked like an attempt to start a civil war in Honduras by the OAS. It is also going to damage the credibility of Honduras with International loan organizations, as certain rules pertain over different nuances, if Honduras was evicted by the OAS, than if they had resigned. Obviously the Organization of American States were attacking Honduras as in an ACT OF WAR. The secretariat of the OAS had their own agenda and it was not diplomatic mediation. Honduras had resigned from the OAS in protest of their inflammatory attacks of a false military coup on the country of Honduras, along with the disinformation campaign being propagated by the OAS, particularly in Europe.
While the OAS say that Honduras is a poor country, I know Honduras well, and it is far richer, more modern and developed than say our small country of Belize, which is much poorer. There are pockets of poverty in the two major cities of Honduras, Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, but most of the seven million people live in rural states and live very well, off the land and home businesses. As good as here in Belize and better in most instances. I know this from running tourists all over Honduras for 40 years and have watched the modernization of Honduras since 1959.
The President of Honduras at the press conference on Sunday says he cannot understand the OAS, which is supposed to be about conflict resolution and acting in a peace creating manner and not about acting in a capacity to create wars. He also said that the regular scheduled Presidential term elections was for November 29th, with the inauguration of a new democratically elected President in January. It was hinted by somebody on the panel at the press conference, that the Supreme Court might move up the election date, to satisfy critics outside the country in the International arena. Somebody from the SENATE became interim President under the Honduran Constitutional law. A new Presidential election was in the works anyway.
Most mystifying of all; are the actions of Emperor Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who created the political ALBA organization in the America’s; currently with 11 member countries, fully one third of the 34 countries on the American continent. Honduras is a full member of ALBA under Emperor Chavez, who is looking more and more like a megalomaniac. ALBA was supposed to be about helping the poor uplift themselves. Part of the contractual terms of countries joining ALBA in the Americas, is that they would vote together in International forums as a block, under the leadership of Chavez, like in the OAS and in the United Nations and other international forums. Another part of the contract is that they would assist each other militarily if necessary against outsiders. In the case of Honduras today, Emperor Chavez has organized the other ten members of ALBA to attack a fellow member, which is Honduras over a criminal matter and abuse of power of the ex-President Zelaya, a clear internal Honduran matter. ALBA has also been putting out big disinformation campaigns on a non-existente military coup. The removal of ex-President Zelaya by Congress was about abuse of power, misuse of government facilities, using government personnel for a private referendum, for which he was using government paid workers and facilities and attempting to change a FIXED Constitutional provision, which was not allowed to be changed by Constitutional law, prohibiting Presidents from repeating terms in office. He was doing it against the wishes of his political party, cabinet and Congress. The Honduran government does not have an Impeachment Clause, neither does Belize, Greneda, Jamaica or Antigua for that matter. Honduras can either jail the President who is an alleged criminal to await a series of trials which would take months if not years, or deport him, to save embarrassment for the individual ( Zelaya ) so concerned. Normally Constitutions in the Americas that have these two options, simply deport criminal Presidents on the instructions of Congress, the political party involved and the Supreme Court.
The actions of Emperor Hugo Chavez smack of IMPERIALISM, the European method of grouping countries to attack other countries to give certain European groups, power over others. What was amazing that Emperor Chavez would actually use the grouping of ALBA countries to attack another ALBA member country, which is Honduras. One didn’t expect that. Honduras had every right to expect the other fellow ten ALBA country members to support them. Not declare war on them. The lesson for Caricom countries is loud and clear. Do not trust ALBA under Chavez, even if you join, like Antigua, Greneda and St. Vincent. Remember this double cross by ALBA on Honduras a member of ALBA up till now.
The conclusion one reaches from Belize is; that ALBA is not about poverty fighting, but about megalomania and Imperialist ambitions in Venezuela. Considering the FREE PRESS has disappeared, pretty much in Venezuela and Ecuador and is under attack in Nicaragua and other Alba countries, one can only surmise ALBA is about a PRIVATE CLUB of Tyrants, or Presidents for Life ambitions, who wish to create states of totalitarianism, under a permanent dictator, like Cuba now, or Russia back in the old days. The fuss over ALBA member state Honduras, changing President’s seems out of context for the declared poverty and social propaganda of the ALBA proclamations made by Emperor Hugo Chavez. This was not about Honduras at all, the ALBA reaction was over just one man, a person who wanted to join the TYRANTS CLUB, or President for Life grouping and to hell with fighting poverty. It was all about EGO mania. About the lust for absolute power! Now we know in Belize and other CARICOM countries and hope we are all suitably warned.
As I type this on Sunday, the latest news is that President Ortega is denying massing troops on the Honduran border, which the current Honduran president told reporters was psychological terrorism. Zelaya flew to Nicaragua, or Salvador. Where he is fini!
National Elections were due in any case in Honduras and campaigning should be starting about now by different political parties anyway.

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