Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brazil offers agriculture assistance to Belize

Favorite breakfast food for rural people. Re-fried red kidney beans, fried egg, and fry jacks.
Toledo Mayan Quiche farmers grow corn and beans as staples.


Belize like many small countries below the ability of being able to support a government properly, because of populations being too small, received this week, a technical assistance visit from BRAZIL. You can no longer rely in the third world, on older countries like the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom for technical assistance, training programs, and other foreign assistance. So countries like Belize are fishing all over the world for good minded people and nations who can help us, with expertise beyond our own capabilities. Sort of assistance to give us and new generations of youngsters, a chance to lift themselves up by their bootstraps.
This visit was by technical experts from Brazil. The Brazilian experts did a field visitation and consultations trip around the small country we have, then signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a Technical Cooperation Program ( TCP ), with the Ministry of Agriculture. Some assistance was initiated by the USA on papaya and habenero pepper exporting programs in the last decade and the Taiwanese Vegetable mission along with some other small assistance programs have been going on for over a decade with vegetable variety research. Without such assistance, we would truly be in worse shape than we are. The Brazilians checked us out on grain production like rice, beans, and corn and also citrus. We haven’t been able to successfully grow LENTIL beans yet in Belize, in experiments conducted by my own NGO ( Belize Development Trust ), or by the Taiwanese Vegetable mission. We still import LENTILS as an example and like them better than the old locally mainstay or red kidney beans grown here. We think it is a soil problem?

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