Monday, July 27, 2009

Scarlet Macaw of Belize, and the Chalillo Dam effects

* Chalillo Dam
* Scarlet Macaw specie unique to Belize.

Hydro Dam reported cracked by earthquake and spurting water.

The dam has allegedly got a crack in it in Belize. So we were gossiping on main street and a tour guide was telling me that the animals around the lake of the dam were doing good. He estimated about 500 Scarlet Macaw and he said the Guatemala XATEROS were netting them and the baby birds in the nests to sell in Guatemala. The Tour Guide told me the species in Belize is unique to Belize and exists no where else in the world. They are different than those found in Costa Rica.
He also described canoing up to the Raspaculla Canyon and said that the scenery is horrible. Apparently they cut the stumps off about two miles up river from the Chalillo Dam and the area looks nice and the water is crystal clear, but further up, there are dead trees sticking out of the water, that get flooded and dried and stinking up a mess and also polluting the water making it dark black. He did not recommend taking any tourists up there.

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