Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Map of Honduras, South of Belize.
ZELAYA, the puppet who would be KING of Honduras under Chavez.
Emperor Chavez the new IMPERIALISTA


Looks like the ACTION should start this Friday, over the weekend and into next week, if any of the THREATS and INTIMIDATION factor into reality, of ZELAYA, the ex-President of Honduras and his owner, megalomaniac Emperor Hugo Chavez with his Empire Building plans for the American continent. Hugo Chavez, President for Life of Venezuela has turned IMPERIALIST.
So far, the noise has been only verbal bluster, but if IMPERIALIST Emperor Chavez is to build his EMPIRE, the threats have to be turned into reality at some point. One suspects that this is not ROCKET SCIENCE and therefore if there is anything real behind Emperor Chavez of Venezuela, then a military outfit is being prepared within Venezuela and will probably be airlifted to Nicaragua as a staging point fairly rapidly. Nicaragua is an ALBA member and the President ORTEGA is fellow comintern fellow traveler of the SANDANISTAS and the ALBA group, President for Life CABAL of Nicaragua and the continent, with plenty of practice in subversion, revolution and covert action.
One would suppose covert hit teams and assassination squads are already inside Honduras, probably composed of Venezuelans, Cubans and perhaps even Nicaraguans? If there is any meat in the bun, so to speak, things should start taking shape from FRIDAY, through the weekend and into next week.
First moves would probably be to assassinate Michelli the current President of Honduras? I would suspect that the families of Michelli, the Supreme Court people and elected Congressional people would be in danger. Kidnap at the least, murder at the worst by assassination teams can be expected. Certainly the current crop of Honduran GENERALS in the army are for the AXE if Emperor Chavez wins for ZELAYA. One should not judge the Honduran Military Intelligence apparatus to lightly either. They have their own covert hit teams and are quite practiced in the subterfuges of covert action. Do not know what they call them these days. I’m decades out of touch with those guys.
ZELAYA and EMPEROR CHAVEZ are running out of time, as new elections are scheduled to be started campaigning for very soon, if not NEXT WEEK, for the scheduled Presidential elections of Honduras in November. After which, all of the maneuverings will become moot. Emperor CHAVEZ has to get his puppet ZELAYA hands, on the strings of Presidential power and semi-legitimacy, before the end of AUGUST. Only then can ZELAYA fire all the Generals and put in his own bought and loyal GENERALS. With control of the ARMY, then he can remove Michelli and all those opposing him in the Supreme Court and the elected CONGRESS. To do that so swiftly he is going to need back up military backing, in the shape of an intervention force, probably composed of Venezuelans, Sandanistas and Cubans. If this is following the STALINIST coups of Eastern European take overs, which I suspect is the most probable scenario due to shortage of TIME.
All we have for information at the moment is the INTERNET NEWS that President Arias of Costa Rica and ZELAYA and Michelli representatives are due to have a next meeting very quickly. I think it is this week? Costa Rican President Arias ( Noble Peace Prize winner ) is pleading with ZELAYA and his team for more TIME. Which ZELAYA as puppet for Emperor Chavez of Venezuela does not have, to waste away. Consolidation gains must be swift, if the revolutionary takeover of the Honduras government is to be accomplished, thwarting any normal schedule of Presidential elections. If ZELAYA can get his hands on the strings of Presidential power for even a few days, the elections can be postponed until next year, meaning INDEFINITELY. That’s what revolutions are all about. While ZELAYA cleans the Honduran Army top brass and then appoints army leaders bought and paid for with OIL money from Venezuela. What would you do if you were a lieutenant in the Honduras military and you got offered $2 million USA dollars and a passport, to be an obedient GENERAL for a year?
In the meantime, Emperor Hugo Chavez and his puppet President for Life candidate ZELAYA are saying publicly, that this next peaceful negotiating meeting with President Arias in Costa Rica is the LAST before they take ACTION. The outcome is known, for Michelli and the government of Honduras are all DEAD, if they lose to ZELAYA and CHAVEZ. The thing that Emperor Chavez lacks though are TANKS, to block all roads and arteries in Honduras. So how all this will play out and what are the counter moves by the ARMY under Michelli and the legal elected government of Honduras remains to be seen. Certainly high alert would be necessary for the next two months, by the legal government of Honduras, until they can get the campaigning for the next Presidential election started. There must be one heck of a FIFTH COLUMN of different types of covert action people from the ALBA group in Honduras right now with their assignments, for either a revolutionary coup, or figuring a way to dominate the election process for the next President. The only thing, who will be the next puppet to replace ZELAYA for Emperor Chavez in the election campaign if it goes that way? Can Michelli run for President and be bought and paid for? The OAS has already been taken over by covert ALBA Ambassadors under INSULZA the chairman, so nothing can be expected fairly from the OAS. The OAS is today CHAVEZ’s IMPERIALIST machine, not that of the USA State Department.
CARICOM LEADERS need to be paying attention and learning from this. Certainly the four provincial island leaders of the new ALBA associates, or member countries, that left CARICOM? It would be much easier to do this in their small island places. As GRENEDA has shown in the past. Certainly, they must expect such events in the next couple of years, once they become attached to the socialist give-aways, that Veneuzelan oil money is promising in food and oil. The carrot and the stick approach.

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