Friday, July 24, 2009


* Dean Barrow Prime Minister of Belize loses 2 points for corruption report card on government performance.



Things are not looking good for our Prime Minister Dean Barrow in the public opinion of Belizeans, regarding his actions with Honduras and Caricom and OAS voting on the Honduras affair.
Latest news being reported out of Honduras being published by La Prensa are saying that 2 or 3 days ( this is second hand news ) before the government, including his own political party sent ZELAYA packing to Costa Rica and EXILE, that a henchman very close to ZELAYA the ex-President of Honduras went to the TREASURY and took out $40 million dollars. Apparently alarm bells went off, but it took some time for the bureaucracy to move. The funny thing about the missing $40 million dollars taken from the treasury of tax revenue collections of Honduras, was that there was no PUBLIC PURPOSE. Nor was the money wire transferred, or issued in a bank draft. The guy a close buddy of ZELAYA and in his personal CABAL, who allegedly serves on ZELAYA’s negotiation team in Costa Rica, for a return to Honduras with no conditions, and is currently attempting to forment a civil war inside Honduras, insisted on the $40 million in CASH. Not in paper instruments, but CASH MONEY that can fit in suitcases, or cardboard boxes. He got the money and left, with the authority of ZELAYA while he was still President.
The Honduran government bureaucracy finally acted and sent the POLICE in Tegucigalpa to the ZELAYA’s henchman’s house to search for the STOLEN MONEY. What they found instead turned out to be a surprise. It was an office loaded with referendum voting computers with all the voting records in Honduras and summed up the VOTING results, giving the win on the so-called REFERENDUM to ZELAYA to change the constitution of Honduras. Since the referendum was thwarted and never done, how then could ZELAYA and his henchman accused of stealing $40 million dollars from tax revenues in Honduras have WON a referendum that never happened? Talk about criminal minds at work in political Presidential circles.
What concern is it of ours? Well our Prime Minister, Dean Barrow of Belize in the weekend newspapers, is also the Minister of Finance in our government. Dean Barrow recently has been getting propaganda sound bites, bragging about taking back $20 million in a GRANT from Venezuela given to former Prime Minister of Belize, Said Musa to Belize BANK, to pay off a GOVERNMENT GUARANTEED LOAN, Musa had taken when he was in office. The Belize Bank in the meantime, is saying; the interest charges are running again now and if this works out true to form, the tax payer, probably through the GST tax will have to pay the Belize Bank if ever it can be done with the huge National DEBT we currently have, over many decades and will probably make ASHCROFT the owner of Belize Bank even richer, as it will undoubtedly mushroom to a BELIZE BANK debt of $75 million before the saga is done. The fault will be that of Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Musa maybe didn’t do right, but he did the best thing at the time for the public interest. Now we owe more than ever before, legally to the Belize Bank because of the actions of our Prime Minister Dean Barrow.
The thing is; despite public protestations about our foreign policy on the Honduras issue and I personally support the actions of the current Honduran government, because I feel in my heart that wanna be PRESIDENT FOR LIFE, Mr. ZELAYA is nothing but a crook and would be tyrant. ZELAYA wants to get his hands on all the government treasury in Honduras is my opinion. Sort of like Mugabwe of Zimbabwe did over decades. Our own Prime Minister in Belize has taken the foreign policy issue of condemning what he says is something not legal happening in Honduras. He is condemning by his actions and speeches, the actions of the lawful government of Honduras. Now I question not only our Prime Minister’s, ethics and logic in foreign policy, because coming back to the $20 million GRANT from Venezuela to Belize, for poverty housing and the reason that the current Prime Minister strong armed Belize Bank to get it refunded, the weekend newspapers and investigative reporters are saying; that $2 million of this money was spent properly on hurricane and flood victims, while the other $$18 million has gone, NOT TO poverty people to build them houses, the purposes of the VENEZUELAN GRANT and give them land, but to UDP connected upper middle class, cronies, party hacks and connected people in his UDP party as IMPROVEMENT LOAN GRANTS, which monies was intended to go to housing for the poor. A sort of payoff for campaigning for him and his party to get into office, during the last election. There is no confirmation accounting being done for these monies, that we know of, so our local investigative media say?
The thing is, if you are ethical and looking at conspiracy theories, there is a co-incidence in the Foreign Policy coming out of Belize, coming from the Prime Minister’s office that does not gell with the FACTS. ( if you believe in co-incidences? ) What it looks like; to us in the public cheap seats, is one alleged Criminal ( voting to protect the prerogatives of ZELAYA as former President), like he would like his own prerogatives here in Belize, to be protected, when mis-using poverty house building GRANT FUNDS to reward his campaign workers instead.
There is nothing we can do; other than take 2 points off the corruption poll, or UDP government report card and announce it to the International media, for a problem in what we view as ethics, misuse of government poverty GRANT funds for political purposes, and what seems to be on the surface, misuse of the Foreign Policy voting rights of Belize, to protect a CROOK who once was President of Honduras, like our Prime Minister would like to be protected by his neighbors when caught with his ETHICS in tatters, his judgment either flawed, or of criminal intent. There are those who have debated with me, saying I’m reading too much in our FOREIGN POLICY issues done by our Belize Prime Minister and that it is nothing more than the stupidness of a lawyer so steeped in British Pirate Parliamentary Law, extrapolated to a REPUBLIC style government in Honduras, that Dean Barrow gets lost in minutia and cannot see the big picture, to make wise FOREIGN POLICY decisions. Either way you intrepret our Prime Minister, Dean Barrow actions, it costs the Prime Minister and the UDP two points off their governing report card. Which goes from a score of 50 to 48 in the opinion poll in Western Belize.
There are of course wheels within wheels and as a retired fisherman, we are more pragmatic and usage of common sense is high on our judgment scale. We cannot understand either the ethics, or the Foreign Policy judgment of our Prime Minister. What seems so simple to me, is obviously buried somewhere in the convolutions of lawyer type political thinking and reasoning.

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