Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where would you like to live? Cuba or the USA?


It could be argued that the CASTRO brothers of CUBA accomplished that which Russia failed to do. The ideal UTOPIA of COMMUNIST DREAMERS FOR A HUNDRED YEARS. In Cuba, everybody has a place to live, food to eat ( not much but adequate ), shelter, a state job and good medical service. On the down side, nobody is allowed to own anything, everything must be owned by the STATE COMMUNIST PARTY. You cannot change your leaders, they are permanently fixed TYRANTS, or ABSOLUTE MONARCHS. Control is maintained by fear and terror and you are not free to speak your mind, for fear of losing your shelter, food, job, and anything else you might have. Your thoughts must be private, indeed in many cases people are often put in jail for what they are suspected of even thinking. You cannot travel, or move to another house, or part of CUBA without permission. You cannot get a passport freely and travel as a tourist anywhere in the world. There is no method of accumulating wealth and keeping it. Everything you acquire can become and is considered state property as in a commune. This type of state is called a TOTALITARIAN STATE under a TYRANT. A tyranny.
The arguments for Communism against Capitalism are a human historical progression for trying to find a way out of the old Feudal Monarchy system of Kings and Queens. China these days is still a totalitarian state but has evolved into a semi-capitalist state, which more could be described now as a ONE PARTY CONTROLLED STATE and is now different from the UTOPIAN ideal of CUBA. To a certain extent, CUBA has succeeded far more than RUSSIA ever did, in providing shelter, food and medicine for it’s citizens. The price was curtailing freedom to think, express your ideas and at best can be called SLAVERY. The plantation owner is the TYRANT at the top. You are slaves in CUBA of the state, or commune and are told you should be grateful and happy.
In the so called CAPITALIST states, there are often homeless, living in cars, under subway stations and bridges, though nobody seems to go hungry. Medical service of course in the USA, at least is a joke. There is none for more than half of the population and the remainder cannot get good medical service. In the basics then, Cuba does a better job of providing shelter, food and medical treatment, than does the USA.
On the other hand you can speak your mind in the USA, try to enrich yourself, so long as you give your tithe to the taxman, both at City, County, State and Federal level. A thing that sometimes is impossible to do and enrich yourself. You can get a passport, travel the world if you can afford it, move to another country to live if you want and return, buy or sell houses and change your place of residence within the country. You are what they call FREE. Though that freedom has drawbacks, as you must pay for most everything, and in order to pay you must have money and to get money you must find a way to work in a free market in competition with other people. In Cuba people pretend to work for the state and the state pretends to pay them something. Everybody though has a job guaranteed.
You often wonder why CUBA is not overwhelmed with immigration of millions of people seeking to find the better UTOPIAN LIFE of Communism. You are guaranteed a place to live and sleep, food to eat and medical treatment.
With the recent events caused by the new EMPEROR of Venezuela and the ALBA ten countries, this subject is pertinent, because the new EMPEROR CHAVEZ of the AMERICAS is attempting to make all the countries of the AMERICAS, a UTOPIAN communist tyrannical paradise like CUBA. Why not just move to Cuba and get the paradise right away? The recent squabble last week, of should Honduras change to a tyrannical communist state like CUBA is relevant. People have to make a choice.
In CUBA people have NO CHOICE. In Honduras people can still choose ZELAYA the puppet and fellow traveler of the Emperor of Venezuela. However once he consolidates power, the freedom for a Honduran citizen to choose will be gone. You shut up and obey your orders as in slavery, or get shot, or go to jail. In Ecuador that chance is practically gone now. In Nicaragua it is going. In Bolivia it is going. Argentina and Brazil are in flux. In the Caribbean countries once belonging to CARICOM, of Antigua, St. Vincent and Grenada the choice is still there for a year or so, depending on events.
The choice is only in the beginning stages. After that you lose your opportunity to choose, you become a slave of the state.
Do you want the perks of CUBA, state job, shelter, food, medical treatment, to be a slave? Or do you want a choice, to fail or succeed? SLAVERY or FREEDOM what is your choice? If you choose slavery, why not immigrate to CUBA under the plantation owner, tyrant, and save the rest of us all this trouble now going on in Honduras.

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