Monday, July 27, 2009

Belize has around 3000 Justices of the Peace British Monarchist style.


Belize uses the Justice of the Peace system of the British Monarchy. In the olden days, the Justice of the Peace would be a judge and sentence people to jail, or death and could hang them. At least in England. Here in Belize in more modern times, they act as J.P.’ which role is confined to signing as a witness on legal documents. As of this month, the nation now has almost 3000 J.P.’s. Our system is unlike the USA system. In that USA system, anybody who is of sound character and has no police record, can apply to be a J.P. Most offices and banks have a J.P. on staff in the USA. It is voluntary and FREE. Here in Belize, the J.P. is a political position and is an appointment made by the Attorney General.
Personally, given the history of the British system, I prefer we would have the USA system. I dislike politics being used to provide an intermediary, between the public, the business community and open to misuse of political power. Even in Belize this awful British system, gives political appointed J.P.’s to so call ( hic! ) PRESERVE THE PEACE, receive complaints in respect of summary convictions, or indictable offences, issue warrants to apprehend people and throw them in jail, or issue search warrants and to administer oaths. This political control bias for a ruling oligarchy is very bad in my opinion and something we Belizeans should change to the USA system.

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