Monday, July 20, 2009


* La Loma Luz Adventist private hospital in Santa Elena Town, Western Cayo district of Belize
* Private La Loma Luz Hospital owned by ADVENTISTS
* Government hospital worker.
* San Ignacio government hospital
* San Ignacio street scene
* lot of babies born here.


I shudder to think of going back to medical treatment in the USA. The wife was talking about buying a house back in the USA, ( we are retired ) and I asked, her what about medical treatment? It is atrocious in the USA. The service is lousy and you cannot get things done, even when you have insurance. If you are old like us and have no insurance, our assets, a home and bank account and savings would get wiped out. We can't afford to live in the USA, or go back, because of the ROBBER BARON medical system up there. First thing you know they stick you in a hospital and you have a medical bill for a million dollars. Also, if you have no insurance, they are going to file and record a lien on your house and bank account overnight, the very first night, to make sure they get paid. You would be broke and homeless after just one hospital visit.

Here in Cayo District Western Belize, we have two hospitals, one government socialized medicine and mostly free, but they have no tests to speak of, to narrow down diagnosis. There is also a hospital that is private, but they are very limited also in diagnostics. Both hospitals prescribe antibiotics they have, not necessarily the kinds you might want. That said, for the usual type of normal accidents and illnesses they are fairly good. The private hospital you have to pay quite a bit. The best medical treatment in the Western Twin Towns in our experience is currently a Dr. Sanchez. He has an office, prompt service ( $20 usa a visit ) He has a diagnostic testing clinic across the street he owns. Mostly he refers you there, for a few more dollars. I've checked his urinalysis diagnostics on the internet and it is darned good. Which narrows down the drug, and antibiotic choices. Then he has an ultra sound clinic a block away, for injuries and pregnancies sort of thing. Down from his office a few doors he owns a pharmacy and usually he has the antibiotics you need, and cannot find at the two local hospitals. It's hard to go in and get out for less than $150 usa, but you get prompt, very fast treatment. The equivalent in the USA using the specialist referral system, would consume several weeks of visiting and appointments. Whereas with Sanchez you get in and out, for everything done in less than 3 hours, same day. Can't beat that for service. Nothing at all like that in Miami for sure. The hospitals do good with fevers, cuts, broken bones and that sort of thing. General emergency medicine. The government hospital is a lot cheaper or FREE even. Service is prompt enough during the day.

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