Friday, July 10, 2009

Belize Government Mayan land case uses SOPHISTRY. Government performance rating drops from 48% to 46% on issue.

Archeologist Dr. Awe, a reputed dual citizen of Canada and Belize, argues Mayan Indian language group are not indigenous indians of Southern Belize from the Mayan Empire with ancient land rights.


In Belize , we live in the old Mayan Empire and in today’s world there are 22 Mayan distinct languages. In a court case in Belize City , the government lawyer Louis Young and government salaried archeologist Dr. Awe, are using the argument that the Mayan Indians are not indigenous to the Toledo District area.

The height of this sophistry is argued on the part of the Government of Belize; that the current inhabitants of the Toledo District, going back a few hundred years to the 1600’s we know of, from historical records of the Spanish are not indigenous Indians. Such SOPHISTRY is used, because this particular language dominant strain are Queche language groupings. Whereas it is argued, but no evidence has been shown, or proved, that the Toledo District was inhabited once by CHOL speaking Maya.

The sophistry of the legal argument by the government of Belize, that Mayan Indians are not of one species, and do not have a record of ten thousand years of inhabiting this ancient Mayan Empire area, at least as any sort of cohesive empire, or trading economic/political bloc. We can understand Dr. Awe the Mayan archeologist for prostituting himself for the government legal opinion, as I’m sure he wants to reach government retirement with his pension rights intact. There is no way you could make this hombre ( me ) understand that ALL the different language Maya groupings are not one people. To me, Mayan Indians are Mayan Indians and they have lived here for 10,000 years.

It is a bit like saying SAXONS, UTES, JUTES, BRITISH, SCOTCH and WELSH are not Englishmen of the United Kingdom . Or their descendants thereof.

UDP GOVERNMENT PERFORMANCE RATING IS SEE-SAWING THIS WEEK. Earlier in the week, the report card and approval rating had jumped to 48%. By close of Friday the work week, the UDP approval rating dropped to 46% based on the actions in this sophistry.

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MarkHarrison said...

You need better examples.

Scots and Welsh are indeed from the United Kingdom - but they aren't ENGLISHMEN.

The United Kingdom is made up of four countries - England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland - each with their own parliaments that control, say, health services, the police and education... and their own sports teams, but with a central government in Westminster that does SOME things (defence, for example) together at the UK level.

So, no, a Scotsman most certanly ISN'T an Englishman...