Thursday, July 30, 2009


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The news in Belize has it that the USA has announced in the media, the cancellation of USA travel entry visas for three members of the Honduran government. The Supreme Court Justice that issued arrest warrants for ex-President Zelaya and two other major players in the Honduran Congress. Other than interfering with the internal affairs in the normal functioning of the Honduran government, the big issue facing Belize and all Central American and Caribbean countries are travel arrangements and abilities controlled by the USA visa system and major international airline hubs being in the USA.
It so happens that CARICOM and CENTRAL AMERICA do not for the most part have an INTERNAL AIRLINE. There is no way to go from Belize for example to Jamaica, or St. Kitts, Barbados, Trinidad, Guadalupe, Martinique and so forth to get to Europe, or Asia, or often South American countries.
Because the USA Miami, Atlanta, Houston and New Orleans airline hubs in the USA dominate and control the air traffic lanes, we are forced to pass through the USA.
This gives the USA an inordinate amount of power as shown in this cancellation of USA travel visas of the three Honduran government people. Literally they are cut off from travel to International Conferences, because they lack a means of flying direct, or connecting to other airlines going to Europe, which in turn connect with Africa and Asia. You must go through the USA for the cheapest route. This gives control of many countries and diplomatic bullying, as expressed in the cancellation of legitimate Honduran members of government US visas, to FORCE THEM to meet the desires of USA Foreign Policy instead of their own country.
Currently from Belize to get to South America, if you do not have a USA visa to go UP to North America and then South to South America, you are forced to take the bus to Guatemala City, fly to Mexico City up in North America and then South to South America for example. There are many European flights across in the Eastern Caribbean countries, directly to Europe, but which you cannot reach from Central America directly.
The lesson here; is to develop alternate flight routings serving Central American countries and the Caribbean countries. We need a different airline HUB serving our nations outside of the USA. The thing is, that CARICOM countries and most Central American countries are having WAR being waged on them, by Venezuela and ALBA members. This is a covert and subversive war and it looks like the USA is interfering on the side of Venezuela and other ALBA members.

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