Monday, July 27, 2009

BTL of Belize explains dropped calls from USA in local newspaper ad.


Btl our major local telephone company, says they are not responsible for the dropped telephone calls coming to Belize, or hard connects, or disconnects from overseas. The many service complaints are originating in the USA. The local major telephone company says the problem is the usage in the USA of cheaper price carriers, that are overloaded for their minimal systems and these can fail to connect to the International BTL junction just off Miami by fiber optic cable to carry traffic to Belize.
I wouldn’t know about that, as even inside Belize we cannot get copper wire, landline service in our section of Santa Elena Town, a fast growing city. We’ve been complaining for 16 years or more and still no reliable telephone service here.
In fact, the inability of the country of Belize to provide standard, regular telephone service and reliability is making us look this coming year, to moving business operations to Guatemala, across the border, so we can operate as an efficient business. Hate to do it, but what the heck, ENOUGH is ENOUGH. We have to eat too!

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