Monday, July 6, 2009

USA invents new assassination method?


We don’t get much outside world stuff in Belize. So it was interesting to read some ten year old magazines somebody donated to me on a trip down here and see that the G 7 industrialized nations have a new method of secretly assassinating people. While we might not be sophisticated in Belize, when we get the opportunity, a lot of us like staying up on scientific developments.
It seems you can take the DNA from a person, from a drinking glass, or a hair strand and so on. From this you can isolate a molecule called MHC ( major histocompatibility complex ) unique to any individual. This is something that your immune system T cells use to identify foreign viruses in your system, that may injure you and make you sick. Anyway if a virus belongs in your body and is part of it, the virus will have a coating of MHC, which your T cells recognize. This is part of your DNA protective system.
Anyway you apparently in the laboratory can take a disease virus and coat it with an individuals DNA gene sequenced, protective MHC. Then you don’t even have to get too close to your assassination target. You simply take a bad virus for some disease and coat it with the victim target own MHC. Let it loose in the vicinity of the community, possibly at work, where the victim works, or lives. The virus multiplies and spreads around the people. The other people, T cells attack the virus, recognizing it as an invader and they may never even know they have been sick. They wipe it out. Happens every day. On the other hand, the targeted assassination victim will eventually get the virus if it spreads and the virus will be recognized as friendly and multiply making the victim sick and eventually die with a new illness.
In light of the internet stories of G 7 and G 20 conferences about reducing the world population by 2 billion or so, through starvation and disease, we can only wonder what those bozos in the laboratories and industrialized defense establishments are cooking up?

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