Friday, July 17, 2009


* The organ grinder represents the old Colonial masters in their cold country clothing styles, while the chained monkey in a costume imitating human beings, represents the lack of culture, costume and pride of vision of hot climate Caricom ( hic! ) leaders.


This article is going to be a bit more philosophical in nature, more of a soap box diatribe against an evening session of CARIBBEAN NEWS on our local Channel 5 TV station here in Western Belize, the industrial and agricultural heartland of our country, on the Western Caribbean rim. What gets my back up and annoyed, is the seriousness of pompous braggarts and important sounding leaders of Eastern Caribbean countries, including Jamaica in the middle of the Caribbean. All of them when sitting for television interviews were dressed in cold country, European suits, white shirts and ties. Now I know they are being interviewed in places like Trinidad, Jamaica, St. Kitts, Antigua and such places. I have also a couple of decades ago, even built me a 40 foot wooden sailboat on the beach in Portsmouth, Dominica and sailed many of those Eastern islands.
So I know, that our climate in Belize is pretty much the same as they have out on that side of the Caribbean basin. Which is hot and muggy, unless the trade wind is blowing and with temperatures over 80 degrees farenheight most days and nights. In Belize we do get colder NORTHERS during some winter months, but those Caribbean, Organ Grinder, dressed up pompous leaders of their tiny island countries, professing INDEPENDENCE do not ever get those colder temperatures They look like the old European ORGAN GRINDER MONKEYS entertaining the QUEEN at Buckingham Palace, or something. It is hot and humid out there in those Caribbean countries.
So pray tell me why they are dressed for television interviews during normal working hours, like Europeans? They look like they live in Norway, the UK, or Iceland or someplace. Don’t they have some typical cultural DRESS CODE that identifies them as Caribbean peoples? In Belize it is the loose shirt for politicians, or the GUYABERA. In Hawaii it is the Hawaiian shirt for example. A tie for instance is the Europeans answer to cold weather and replaces a neck scarf, to keep the body warm. An understandable dress code that has developed for climate reasons.
Which makes me feel, less than proud of joining CARICOM, with people that lack pride, patriotism, culture, and question their ability to lead either their countries, or any of us in CARICOM.
Thankfully, though myself was educated in the Belize Teachers College and got brainwashed back then, in the European examples and styles of education, after some decades of a constant barrage of UK and West Indies style educations, copy catting the European education systems. I am thankful to see in my life time a conversion in Belize, of our education system, to something, more home grown, taking the best from around the world, which mostly is the USA community college system, of business led demand courses, rather than the European style, square peg in a round hole type of education to serve monarchies with state control and limited career movement throughout ones life time. Keeping the working class, as in class divisions of society in their place. Of course colonial empires have collapsed and indeed the internet chatter news says, even things are so bad in the UK these days ( worse than Belize, with a bigger DEBT to GDP ratio ) that the UK parliament are discussing SLASHING the MILITARY budget might of the former EMPIRE by two thirds, to make ends meet in that poor second world, country.
How can anybody in CARICOM respect ORGAN GRINDER MONKEYS dressed to please Englishmen and other cold country Europeans in their cultural dress code styles in a climate that is totally unsuitable. These men are our leaders in CARICOM? Please forgive me if I laugh at the idea! Pompous organ grinder monkeys they are, without a shred of cultural self identity, pride and patriotism. Until you get some, how you can profess to lead, a bunch of broken, debt ridden, badly managed countries and then expect us in BELIZE to give you the reins of control of our future of Belize in our side of the CARIBBEAN SEA through an entity called CARICOM, I don’t know.
Basically the CARICOM COMMON MARKET cannot go anywhere, until we get internal transportation by plane and ship. If all these ORGAN GRINDER dressed MONKEYS professing to be LEADERS keep blathering about a FEDERATION, the least they can do is dress like CARIBBEAN peoples with our own dress codes, to make our peoples proud and unique. All they blather about is their troubles and bureaucratic regulations and organization and NEVER do anything constructive for economic development. So long as I see them copying the cold country dress codes of Europe, I will never believe a darned thing they say.
Every time I see a Caribbean leader being interviewed in one of those Eastern Caribbean islands, dressed like a European pet monkey, in a European suit and tie, I immediately judge that person as a liar and thief, a con man extraordinaire, ripping off his local population. The DEBT to GDP ratios of their countries confirm this opinion.

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