Wednesday, July 29, 2009


* RED COMMUNISM winning ten or more countries in the Americas already for the new EMPIRE of CHAVEZ.

* The buffoon who fooled all the smart people and turned EMPEROR of ten countries in the AMERICAS.



In the latest news on Wednesday morning, July 29th, 2009. Colombia captures a TERRORIST ARMS cache of the FARC bandit terrorist group practicing kidnapping, extortion, land grabbing, drug smuggling and sales and acting as killers for both Venezuela and Ecuador, the Colombians find surface to air missiles in FARC hands. Tracing the missiles, leads back to SWEDEN, in EUROPE. The SWEDES say they did not sell the missiles to the FARC, but to the VENEZUELAN government of President Chavez. Chavez is the EMPEROR of the ALBA federation waging war in the AMERICAS to expand his empire building ambitions.
CHAVEZ is a long time senior commandante of the FARC and was once released from jail by FARC intervention, when caught during a COUP attempt in Venezuela. The FARC terrorist army also brag in captured laptop computer records, of paying for, and putting President Correa of ECUADOR in office as their puppet, and controlling that country as well. Colombia has enemies on two sides. Colombia faces a two front war. There is some attempt to apparently seduce leftist President Colom of Guatemala, to join the ALBA federation, if not in fact, then surreptiously putting Honduras in a squeeze with a two front war in the future.
EMPEROR CHAVEZ this Wednesday morning breaks diplomatic relations AGAIN, with his neighbor Colombia over the news announcement that he aided the FARC terrorist army with missiles, as told by SWEDEN. Emperor Chavez of Venezuela oil riches also threatens to seize all Colombian private investment in VENEZUELA by Colombian bourgeois investors in retaliation, attempting censorship of the news. Chavez has already silenced almost all opposition and media outlets within Venezuela. Chavez is also complaining about two new drug fighting airplane air strips in Eastern Colombia, used to fight the WAR on DRUGS financed by the USA. The FARC terrorist bandit army have rebuilt their numbers through kidnapping youngsters and training through TORTURE, FEAR and TERROR in remote jungle camps. Girl soldiers are forced to prostitute themselves to the men on monthly rotations of male assignment and are severely punished if they get pregnant. Captured people are chained to trees in the jungle by the neck, like a wild animal.
On this remnant of the old COLD WAR front, a new war threat is announced by ex-President ZELAYA, of Honduras, another would be KING and President for Life accused of stealing $40 million dollars of poor peoples tax money, just a couple of days before he was ousted from office, due to various illegalities with changing the Constitution of Honduras against the wishes of his own political party and the Honduran Congress. ZELAYA has announced the beginning of a guerrilla army, in Central America, based in Nicaragua, to take over the government of Honduras by subversion and invasion, assisted and aided by President ORTEGA, the ALBA EMPIRE king, or President for Life of Nicaragua. Nicaragua borders on the south with Honduras.
ZELAYA was once a communist/socialist/neo-liberal guerrilla as a young man, and photos of him can be found on the internet armed to the teeth. He has recently found assistance from President for Life CORREA, now controlling the country of ECUADOR, who has eliminated the FREE MEDIA and switched all the MILITARY HIGH COMMAND in Ecuador to his own leftist commanders. Other assistance was recently offered and accepted by ZELAYA, ex President of Honduras from President Kirschner of Argentina, who was once a young leader of the Communist Montenero guerillas in the internal civil war in Argentina, when she was a young communist revolutionary ( according to internet searches ). She and her husband eventually won that Argentinian civil war and now control the country of Argentina, another ALBA EMPIRE associate. Most major government positions in Argentina are now occupied by previous Montenero communist guerrillas. The mothers of missing persons kidnapped and tortured by the Montenero communist guerrillas claim they are being discriminated against and compensation for lost loved ones in the civil war are being denied to them, and only issued to the communist Montenero mothers, famous for walking with signs in front of the Palace in Argentina, in confrontation with the past military right wing regime that tried to stamp out the six year communist guerrilla civil war. The other side of the disappeared, done by the communist Montenero’s in that civil war, now holding the government power in Argentina, are denying them, the mothers of the government people of that time, or innocent bystanders, equal compensation. A one sided deal, which is festering old civil war wounds in Argentina.
PRESIDENT EVO MORALES of BOLIVIA another ALBA EMPIRE communist/socialist/neo liberal ( whatever they call themselves these days ) announced earlier this week, that he will eliminate the CATHOLIC CHURCH from BOLIVIA.
BOTH PRESIDENT CORREA OF ECUADOR AND PRESIDENT CHAVEZ OF VENEZUELA are clandestine members of the FARC TERRORIST ARMY operating with a 12,000 member bandit army across the terrorities of ECUADOR and VENEZUELA and into armed conflict in the country of COLOMBIA.
CARICOM recently broke into pieces, with the seduction away of four of the CARICOM countries by CHAVEZ of VENEZUELA in return for promises of oil and food to these impoverished island countries, that now can be staging areas and transshipment points for weapons and drugs. Other problems arose and were magnified in a recent Caricom Heads Meeting, when a lot of excuses for Federation were brought to a head, in that politicians did not wish to allow free passage of CARICOM citizens in some of the countries. The CARICOM HEADS fear upsetting the voting groupings and overloading social services is what they said.
THE COLD WAR is spreading in the American Continent. Even in the USA, the current USA Marxist trained President OBAMA was covered yesterday Tuesday, on the FOX TELEVISION news, by a program that described the slow steady plans of OBAMA to change the fabric of the democratic society of the USA into a MARXIST style state. Foremost of which is the formation of a RED GUARD civilian youth brigade compulsory for young people, but using a JOB CORPS type pseudonym. The program will be mandatory for indoctrination purposes. Part of the hierarchy of the setup for take over and change of the USA to another ALBA style country was explained on the blackboard, in a presentation by FOX NEWS on cable tv. ACORN is about three levels down in the overall hierarchy of the OBAMA plan, but a major administrator. Known communists have been placed in major key points in the US Government administration, the NEWS program breakdown explained and named the key people of OBAMA for the change, or subversion ( pick your own adjective ). ACORN also prepared the FISCAL STIMULUS plan mostly adopted with little change, by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONGRESS, Fox TV said. Within the US Government there is now a tug and war of CIA and MILITARY right wing capitalist style, free world, capitalism, versus the MARXIST communist trained key administration people and the OBAMA plan for change of AMERICA into an ALBA style country, under what eventually can only be a DICTATORSHIP. Recently another television program, of which the leading announcer was threatened by the channel television owners with dismissal ( according to internet chatter ) for bringing up the subject of senior officers in the USA military establishment in court cases asking for legal verification of the place of OBAMA’s birth, as news. This TV program was reportedly told to cease and desist or be fired, according to the internet news. Last gossip I heard was even an ARMY GENERAL joined the military officer lawsuits; as an illegal PRESIDENT of the USA, by the US Constitution, would make military personel overseas WAR CRIMINALS. Kenya politicians claim OBAMA was born in KENYA and is Kenyan by birth, but a dual citizen as his mother had his birth registered in Hawaii, using the absentee short form birth certificate, along with a newspaper advertisement. The place of birth is in contention because of the rules of the US Presidency qualifications stipulating birth must occur within the continental USA states. You can be a US citizen if born elsewhere, but cannot run for Presidential office is my understanding?
Foreign countries are reducing their holdings of debt in US treasuries due to the uncertainties and wild expansion of printing of USA currency expected to result in inflation. The COLD WAR is back and in the AMERICAN CONTINENT 34 countries. Currently one third of the countries on the American continent are directly involved in this ideological cold war. Except this war is now turning HOT and is subversive. This is a war of ideologies for control of the AMERICAS. One party state communist/socialist totalitarianism, versus a more open democratic capitalist society. The Democrat party in the USA have sided with socialist communism, versus opposition from the Republicans who want a more democratic type society. Socialism history shows; makes every body slaves and equally poor mostly. Except the ones controlling the process at the top. It is also a more rigid controlled type society, like the old FASCIST regimes of yesteryear.
As the CHINESE say “May you live in interesting times! )

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