Friday, July 17, 2009


* midnight cable tv show problems in Twin Towns of Western Belize


Cayo Cable has been messing with the channels again lately in the Twin Towns area and out here in Hillview. The popular comedy, long running Colombia filmed, TV serial, BETTY LA FEA watched and discussed daily, around a few blocks of our suburb by a dozen families at least, was shifted a month ago from 9 p.m. in the evening, to 11 p.m. finishing at midnight.
All I’ve heard from everybody around here, is the drag this has been on the Monday to Friday, morning work performance of people trying to do day jobs. The midnight session of the serial has really got people upset. They all want it dropped to 8 p.m. so they can go to bed and get a good nights sleep after 9 p.m. Alas, last night everybody was keyed up as a critical juncture was being aired on Wednesday night and the attempts to visit from house to house and chat to try and stay awake until the near midnight hour of 11 p.m. was filled with complaints and groans of the new late schedule for BETTY LA FEA. Lo and behold, the show was cancelled off the air altogether and if anybody from CAYO CABLE had been around in HILLVIEW, at that late hour, they would have had themselves and their vehicles STONED with rocks. Some substitute movie was showing.
This is THURSDAY night as I type this and we are already past the 9 p.m. hour, and again the neighborhood are sitting up and trying to stay awake, long enough to see if BETTY LA FEA will be on Television tonight at 11 p.m..
I did go in and complain to the girls at the CABLE TV office in San Ignacio yesterday and asked them to pass on the complaint to the programming director of the company. The girls were however luke warm at doing that, and sort of said they were not responsible for anything, except collecting money for paying CABLE TV bills. We shall see tonight, what if anything that CAYO CABLE office did, or did not do.

The previous day I also had visited that same office, to request they put on the cable tv, the regular USA CNBC channel, at least during daylight hours, as I need the ticker tape that goes along the bottom for my new business operation. We get WORLD CNBC which is also good, for world news, but does not have the ticker tape. These give NY Stock Exchange, 15 minute delayed quotes. I’m watching mostly the OEX and XEO. The girls told me that the programming was full. I said, for me they could drop one of those useless USA NEWS programs that spend all day talking about Michael Jackson, or some frivolous subject for gossip columnists, instead of real NEWS. The useless channels are Channel 4 or 5 in Hillview. They are nonsense programs without anything really to offer a Belizean watcher. Whether their CAYO CABLE TV office in San Ignacio across from BTL and CELINA’S HARDWARE STORE staff will make any effort to pass along customer requests I do not know?

Other than that, Cayo Cable gives better service than either BTL, or SMART in the Western twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio area. One can only wonder why?

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