Monday, July 6, 2009

Nebraska Governor gives media lesson on how PM Barrow of Belize should govern.

Dave Heinman, Governor of Nebraska, brags how they have spent a few years getting ready for the recession and their economy is booming, unemployment low.
Dog tricks have to be learned young.
Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize in the play, YOU CAN'T TEACH AN OLD DOG - NEW TRICKS! Prime Minister Barrow is the guy on the right of the photo, not the one doing the hand stand in the middle photo! ( grin ! )


( You can't teach an old dog NEW TRICKS! )

Nebraska does not need a stimulus package from the Federal Government of the USA. They have a 4% unemployment rate, low by any standards of measure. No housing bubble, people lived within their means. They forecast the stock market crash and guessed the after effects would be a recession worldwide and the Governor of Nebraska controlled government spending, to the point that in his several years of austerity packaging leading up to this recession, he got the nick name of being Mr. Scrooge.
While he was criticized for tightening the size of the Nebraska government and austerity control of government spending, today Nebraskans have no recession, or depression, and life is going along very well indeed. Unlike Belize, or the State of California. The Governor of Nebraska said they concentrated on two things. Education and tax cuts for businesses over the last few years and have been rewarded with a growing economy, giving them comfortable boom times, unlike most states in the USA. The Governor said, you cannot be all things to everybody. Somebody has to say no! That was his job to say NO! He did, and now Nebraskans are reaping the rewards of a good strong economy. One expects the Governor of Nebraska will get elected again.

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