Thursday, July 9, 2009

Belize Government approval rating jumps from 38% to 44%

* Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize and lawyer leader of the UDP Cabinet, got lost in the nit picking legal details instead of the BIG PICTURE.

* Foreign Minister Elrington of the UDP Cabinet, a lawyer lost in nit picking legal details, instead of the BIG PICTURE.

38% TO 44%

Prime Minister Barrow’s UDP government approval rating took a jump this week from 38% to 44%. The jump was attributed in Western Belize opinions to the handling of the dispute with the biggest government hospital in Belize, Doctors Union go slow dispute. While not resolved yet, the different sides and mediations have been well publicized and the handling of the dispute met with general approval.
The other issue was the handling of the SWINE FLU in Belize. This week, five cases were confirmed by tests to be the first in the country, imported over the border into Belize from Mexico. Many Belizeans go to Chetumal, Mexico, to shop on weekends for every day items. Mexicans also flock into the Northern Corozal Free Zone looking for bargains and gambling at the three Casinos there. The H1N1 flu virus, seems to have evolved into a mild case of ordinary flu and the fatality rate percentages has dropped remarkably world wide and this flu is no longer considered overly dangerous. There will be a Pandemic, the WHO organization have declared this winter, but is expected to be just an ordinary winter flu in effect with standard fatality percentages occuring. Even so, the government has received stocks and distributed same, such as TAMIFLU around the nation of Belize government hospitals and this preparation has been judged as efficient as can be accomplished, within the sparse circumstances of life in Belize.
On the negative side of government policies, the action of the GOB in joining CARICOM and the OAS in a knee jerk condemnation of the Honduras government, over the ouster of ex-President Zelaya on criminal charges in Honduras, was more attributed to amateurish attitudes of young university students, rather than mature National Interest of Belize considerations, of the medium and longer term outlook for building the economy of Belize, perpetrated as a lawyerly nit picking opinion of a foreign policy, without any basis in facts. It was felt that the BELIZE NATIONAL INTEREST, as in ‘economic considerations’ should have been of paramount concern. What we got was viewed to be a bunch of political SHEEP in Belize following other SHEEP in CARICOM and the OAS, and a bunch of leftists in the OAS pushing their own agenda and leanings. Insulza the President of the OAS was believed to be incompetent and pushing his own political viewpoints. He is currently under requests from some other members to have him removed from his office in the OAS, as unfit to lead fairly.
If ZELAYA had succeeded in consolidating his hold over the military of Honduras and emasculating the Congress as he desired, to be come a virtual dictator, tyrant, or President for Life, as he was trying to do, under the advice and leadership of Chavez of Venezuela and Correa of Ecucador and other leftist Presidents of the Americas, who have succeeded in doing this in their own countries, then not only democracy in the Americas would become a PAPER CHARADE, but the situation in Belize economically could have and would have become atrocious. We have experience of past floods of refugees in Belize, from Honduras under dictators. Events were being controlled within Honduras by the Honduras government elected representatives, and even though the actions of Belize Foreign Policy were contrary to the NATIONAL INTEREST of Belize, the external events on the ground resolved this dispute to the advantage of the BELIZE NATIONAL ECONOMIC INTEREST anyway. This Foreign Policy action therefore got a zero rating and neutral grade in grading the UDP Government of Belize. Basically they did wrong acting as SHEEP is the opinion over here, in Western Belize, but events outside the Belize Government, made the political actions of the UDP knee jerk amateur reactions useless anyway. Belize did get BROWNIE points in currying and groveling for favor with other Caricom Leaders and the OAS countries, but we don’t really need this. Belize must show dynamic strong leadership and stand up for what is best for Belize at all times.

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