Saturday, July 11, 2009



Well we finally found out how the Building ACT regulations came about. It seemed ridiculous in a small scattered population of a country like Belize. At first we thought it was from media articles, an attempt to create a monopoly by big contractors, architects from Belize City and Civil Engineers ( the few they are ) and create a monstrous inefficient and corrupt bureaucracy in Belize. It probably is going to work out that way? Seems from recent articles and the ability now to get CARIBBEAN TELEVISION NEWS in the evenings, this is a CARICOM thingy. Created by intellectual political dimwits over in the Eastern Caribbean. Our own current Belize government is dominated by the port town, primarily Caribbean orientated black people and so the thrust of the UDP CABINET under Prime Minister Barrow has been for ever more bureaucratic and regulatory similarities to the CARICOM agenda, which it is now obvious he ( our PM ) himself is deeply enamored. In lieu of practical things like Caricom economics and trade infra-structure. He was recently Chair person of CARICOM, so that must have given him some good times and an ego boost He got a lot of gratifying personal attention internationally through it. Irregardless of the facts that CARICOM in all it’s disguises doesn’t work and has never worked for the last 45 years or so. I’ll believe in CARICOM when they have internal airline transportation on a regular schedule. Right now we cannot fly from Belize to anywhere in CARICOM. Or go by ship either. Anyway, to make a long story short, PM BARROW and his CARIBBEAN orientated fellow travelers down on the coast of Belize are pursuing an agenda in the name of Belizeans as a nation, for more legal and regulatory bureaucratic controls through the CARICOM ten countries. Hence this BUILDING ACT. Sort of as a political braggadocious propoganda substitute for more practical things, like an airline serving Belize and other CARICOM countries. Hence this ridiculous Building Act new bureaucracy for our very small frontier pioneering population.
CARICOM itself is breaking apart. Recently a bunch of the islands on the Eastern side formed their own grouping called OECS or something like that. Can’t remember all these myriad acronyms the politicians and bureaucrats dream up, to make us believe they are worth their salaries, travel allowances, per diems and perks. Then Dominica I see by the news, has now made it four countries to defect from CARICOM, making our number now, only ten countries from the previous fourteen countries in the Caricom block. ALBA the Venezuelan totalitarian state concept, run by President for Life, Hugo Chavez, has recently passed CARICOM for country memberships, in that the ALBA bloc now has eleven countries with Dominica now added. At least the leader of Dominica is economically pragmatic in foreign policy decision making. More than you can say for our Prime Minister. Chavez is seducing our Caricom members away; with oil, food and infra structure using his oil wealth. Chavez now controls more international country votes than Caricom. Most of CARICOM countries are so mismanaged and so far in national debts, that they can NEVER EVER get free of the debt load.
In the meantime, the United Kingdom has gone broke, about the same as Belize or in worse condition financially. The USA is expecting inflation with gargantuan spending and government printing presses making money 24 hours a day, and countries like Japan who kept their treasury reserves in US dollars, are recently in the news with a smuggling operation by Japanese Treasury personnel trying to take 800 BILLION or so BEARER BONDS of the US treasury notes to Switzerland, to get out of the US dollar situation. Many countries like Venezuela now only take money in International Euros. I digress forgive me! – FINI -

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Don't you think legislation like this will be necessary for the future development of rural areas of your country? Or do you not foresee possible development of these areas?