Sunday, July 12, 2009


* Suspected Leftist Block, Fifth Column leader in the OAS.
* Prime Minister Dean Barrow from Belize, BIG FISH in a little pond. Got eaten alive as CARICOM Chair, by OAS Insulza Secretary General, the puppet big SHARK, representing interests of ALBA Block in recent HONDURAS fracas.

Prime Minister, Dean Barrow of Belize got hoodwinked by Secretary General of the OAS.


Turns out our DEAN BARROW our lawyer/Prime Minister and big fish in a little pond, thought he was a big fish in a big pond, when he was Chairman of CARICOM. Seems INSULZA, Chairman of the OAS, had his own agenda when he went charging into Honduras like a dictator demanding his terms. Chavez threatening military invasion, except it is too early in the WAR GAME yet for Empire, as his military weren’t ready yet. The whole bunch of country bumpkins in CARICOM got taken for a ride on the vote by the OAS.
Unfortunately, our CARICOM members are naïve Provincial country bumpkins and not a single government among them have a SECRET FOREIGN SERVICE, or are aware of the backgrounds of the members of the OAS. Nor is their any National Interest foreign policy department in the Foreign Affairs of Belize keeping any tabs, or historical profile files on the OAS representatives. The general public knows OAS members are dumped by their countries to keep them from making trouble at home. Turns out on the internet, that research shows SECRETARY General of the OAS, INSULZA is a member of the Chilean Socialist Party and a member of the SAO PAULO Forum, so it says on the internet. An alternative organization to the OAS, which was formed by FIDEL CASTRO. Tyrant of the prison island of CUBA, designed to counter the USA democratic system. INSULZA works for Emperor Chavez and the rest of our wanna-be TYRANTS, –President for Life CLUB all indicators say. If you don’t recognize and smell EVIL when you meet it, you probably are the wrong generation. Too bad! I’ll repeat, this is a copy cat of STALIN of Russia take over, of EAST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES during and after World War 11. The only missing ingredient is the military force. Though the internet chatter says EMPEROR CHAVEZ is building up a mobile rapid reaction military force in Venezuela for just that purpose, with new weapons and planes, etc.
Wheels within wheels and our Prime Minister Barrow of Belize got suckered real bad over Honduras by the OAS. We don’t have communists anymore, today the labels have been changed. They call themselves SOCIALISTS and NEO LIBERALS. Same animal different name. We call them SHARKS! Barrow is but a minnow, food for the SHARKS, even though he got his photo taken with BUSH and OBAMA.
The interesting thing about this TYRANTS CLUB are the multiple levels they are playing serious games at. The OAS, it is now obvious, has been penetrated by a FIFTH COLUMN of saboteurs, or agent provocateurs. There are at least seven and maybe more. The problem with such a fifth column is the blasé indifference of the other country Ambassadors to the OAS, who think the debates and actions they are deciding on in committee and conferences, are from a free democratic debate. Nothing can be further from the truth. In CARICOM, we have lost four International votes to ALBA and Emperor Chavez. The thing is; if the four small island nations get used to free oil, food and other goodies, pretty soon they will not be able to live without them. There is the old saying. HE WHO PAYS THE PIPER CALLS THE TUNE! Those four ex-CARICOM leaders cannot vote on CARICOM issues anymore, it is a conflict of interest ! They have SOLD their voting rights over to EMPEROR CHAVEZ when they signed on to ALBA. From now on they are in the SOCIALIST BLOC and have sold their freedom for slavery. They are not slaves yet, but it is coming fast. Done with their eyes wide open and not realizing it. The COLD WAR is getting really serious in the AMERICAS. OBAMA is not an action type President, he is a negotiator and talker. Unfortunately that is a weakness, when dealing with the new socialism coming from the TYRANTS CLUB. Lying and deceit and charades and front organizations are par for the course, right out of STALIN’s era. CARICOM leaders need to wake up and face reality. They are in a WAR with both the European Union and the ALBA group in the Americas. Hard to tell who is more dangerous? Though I would say the ALBA group. This ALBA group is not what it proclaims. That’s all camouflage. Trouble with the Caribbean island nations, they have never been in a war so close up and personal. They don’t even know they are being targeted for Empire building. With Empire come troops and fifth columnists, spies and soldiers with guns, secret police and block captains. Exile, disappearances, torture, murder and imprisonment included. Nobody in CARICOM have any experience with this. STALIN KILLED TENS OF MILLIONS, MAO KILLED TENS OF MILLIONS, CASTRO BROTHERS AND CHE’ KILLED OR EXILED, IF NOT A MILLION, CERTAINLY OVER A HUNDRED THOUSAND. The middle and upper business classes already fled Venezuela. Bright people that!

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